By Mark Orwoll
July 16, 2014

I got your number, you lusty traveler, you. The No. 1 place where you’d like to have sex on holiday is on a boat, according to And you know why? Because travel is the liquor of love, that’s why. At least, so says Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and consultant for

That’s just one of the prurient results from the dating site’s fourth annual “Singles in America” study. The bottom line seems to be this: Travel makes humans crave sex. I’m sorry, I can’t sugar-coat this. It is what it is. And yes, yes, we’ll provide you with details in a second, Mr. Casanova and Ms. Jezebel. But first, let’s set the mood, lower the lights, and hear a bit more from Doc Fisher.

“Travel is novel,” she says in the survey’s promotional materials. “And novelty starts a domino effect.” For the rest of this quote, imagine if it were being read by Barry White, the basso profundo disco king whose sultry song “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” singlehandedly caused a mini population boom in 1974.

“Foremost, it triggers the brain’s dopamine system to sustain feelings of romance. This surge soon fires up testosterone to tickle your sex drive. And as you hug and kiss, you fuel the oxytocin system, ushering in feelings of deep attachment.” The oxytocin system?! Oh, doctor! Someone throw a red scarf over the lamp, quick.

Top three places singles hope to have sex:

#1: On a boat: 50% of singles (57% of men and 45% of women)
#2: On a train: 34% of singles (44% of men and 27% of women)
#3: On a plane: 32% of singles (44% of men and 23% of women)

Compare that to the mundane realities of where they have previously had sex:

#1: In a car: 63% of singles (65% of men and 62% of women)
#2: In their parent’s house: 56% of singles (58% of men and 54% of women)
#3: In the water: 43% of singles (44% of men and 43% of women)

In their parent’s house? Really?! I guess what these people need to do is follow the Fisher Doctrine. “So hit the road—together,” is the good doctor’s prescription for curing the itch that needs to be scratched. All of which is why has hooked up with for two Caribbean cruises this year, one in October and one in December.

Other upcoming trips, branded Stir Getaways, include active-oriented tours to Colorado, California, and Montana. If you sign up for the cruise, please alert the Carry On blog team whether the No. 1 survey result is accurate.

Mark Orwoll is the International Editor of Travel + Leisure. Follow him on Twitter @orwoll and Like him on Facebook.