Kang Kim Mail Me!
| Credit: Kang Kim

Did you know that a flip-flop can double as a postcard?Or that a coconut is a ready-to-go package?Turns out that you can send all manner of sturdy objects—no boxes or envelopes required— as long as they weigh less than 70 pounds, meet safety guidelines, have proper postage, and pass muster with the local postmaster, who has ultimate say. To find out what’s acceptable, we asked U.S. mail workers to recall their most memorable deliveries. Check their surprising list—then send the folks back home a thrill!

Look What the Postman Brought

  • Boomerang
  • A Single Flipper
  • Plastic Bottle of Beach Sand
  • Hockey Stick
  • Can of Nuts
  • Deflated Beach Ball
  • One Ski
  • Chinese Food Container
  • Football
  • Flyswatter