The World's Most Expensive Airplane Suite Comes With a Couch, Big-screen TV, and Shower — See Inside

YouTuber Casey Neistat takes us inside Etihad's The Residence suite.

Etihad Airplane Parked At Perth International Airport.
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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly with the most expensive plane ticket in the world, prepare to be amazed.

In a recent video, YouTuber Casey Neistat reviewed Etihad’s The Residence, available on an A380. It’s a veritable “apartment in the sky” that not only offers guests a seat on one of the airline’s long-haul flights, but provides a spacious living room built for two, a private bathroom, a secluded bedroom, butler service, and turn-down service.

Neistat stayed in The Residence on a flight from Abu Dhabi to New York City, a ticket that would cost anywhere between $31,000 and $41,000 for a one-way trip that lasts a little over 12 hours. According to the Daily Mail, a ticket on this flight could cost up to $68,000.

Obviously, prices can vary depending on the flight length and destinations. According to One Mile At A Time, a stay in The Residence on a flight from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi costs about $13,000. It’s certainly a lot of money, even for a long flight, but some people have managed to score deals on this high-priced home in the sky. For example, influencer Sam Huang managed to get the ticket for only $104 using frequent flier miles.

Neistat looks particularly blown away by The Residence’s amenities, and frankly, we’re right there with him.

First, Neistat checks out the living room, which offers a two-person sofa complete with footrest, a big-screen TV, a pull-out table for meals or drinks, personal drinks cooler, and of course, lots of space and privacy. And when we say space, think: the size of some New York City studio apartments. But on an airplane. This is also where four-course in-flight meals are served by the smartly dressed butlers.

Neistat also checks out the bathroom, located in the hallway of the suite (yes, there is a hallway), which came with not only a toilet and sink, but also a shower with 10 minutes of hot water and lots of complimentary toiletries. It even had a plush bathrobe. Neistat took full advantage of this private lavatory by taking a shower during his flight.

In the bedroom, Neistat’s video shows the turn-down service in action. He stretches out on the bed (again, big enough for two), and shows off the bedroom’s big-screen TV and full-sized mirror.

Overall, Neistat was psyched to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime (for most) experience. However, he notes that The Residence’s price is quite steep. “If you're looking to spend about the price of a new Toyota on one flight, what an experience,” he says in the video.

Watch the full review on YouTube, or visit the Eithad website for more information about flying in The Residence.

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