World's tallest yacht
Credit: Gabriele Teruzzi

Travelers can order a yacht ride on Uber or rent one on GetMyBoat, but there's now a new opportunity to make a splash on the world’s tallest yacht.

The 492-foot-long and 125-foot-tall yacht, called the Shaddai, was envisioned by Italian yacht designer Gabriele Teruzzi. According to Maxim, it has everything one could want in a luxury yacht, including the “sensation of omnipotence.” There’s a 3,200-square foot “beach club” on board with an infinity pool and giant aquarium, too. And of course, there's the spectacular ocean view.

Teruzzi’s design was inspired by skyscrapers, which is evident in the master suite. The ship’s 1,100-square foot master suite is a very modern twist on a crow’s nest, perched 12 stories high in the air. The massive suite comes with its own private 1,130-square-foot terrace and infinity pool. The towering deck makes the yacht the tallest in the world.

There’s just one hitch—the boat hasn’t been built yet. According to the New York Post, the yacht would cost an estimated $250 million to turn the designer’s vision board into reality. While the price tag sounds outlandish, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s luxury mega-yacht, called His Eclipse, cost an estimated $500 million. While most of us don’t have that amount of money lying around, it seems possible that some oil tycoon will purchase one for cruising to the British Virgin Islands in style or rolling across the Arabian Sea and waving at everyone sunbathing on the new deck at the Burj Al Jumeirah.