Surprise Your Family With an Epic Private Jet Reunion — Here's How

VistaJet’s latest offering is a fabulous way to reunite with your loved ones.

Today, it's not uncommon for family members to be scattered around the globe. Pre-COVID-19, getting together was as easy as hopping on a plane home, or scheduling a fantastic vacation somewhere in the middle. But with borders closing and a seemingly endless array of constantly changing restrictions, regulations, visas, and tests, it's become difficult to reunite with loved ones. As borders begin to reopen, VistaJet has created an over-the-top package with event planners Sharky & George that will make your first reunion one your family will remember forever.

Family time on a VistaJet plane
Courtesy of VistaJet

The Surprise Reunion will bring together family and friends from around the world for an epic adventure. First, special packages will be delivered to each guest's home, including itineraries, challenges, or maybe cryptic messages. Those messages will lead family members (or friends) to a private jet that will whisk them off to the reunion destination, with VistaJet handling all logistics, ensuring a seamless trip.

Watching movies together on a VistaJet plane
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Of course, the trips are all bespoke and can be customized in every way, but there are several inspirational itineraries available, such as a treasure hunt, adventure race, and trips based on historical experiences. And really, "experiences" might be an understatement. The treasure hunt is more akin to the plot of a James Bond movie, including drone deliveries, boat chases, femme fatales, spy equipment, and buried treasure. The historical experience could recreate the 12 Labors of Hercules in Greece aboard a superyacht.

A family walking off a VistaJet plane
Courtesy of VistaJet

In a phone interview, Matteo Atti, EVP of marketing and innovation at VistaJet, said the trips were designed to accommodate all ages, from the very young to more senior members of the family, and different activity levels. The expert party planners will create unique itineraries for every member of the family. "Everyone has their own rhythm and habits. You don't want to force a holiday onto them. You want to create something that generates interactions, moments of love, moments of happiness, moments of fun," he said. "Someone might be fighting to find that missing clue while another person might be at home cooking a meal inspired by what the others are doing."

Kids sleeping on a VistaJet plane
Courtesy of VistaJet

The inspiration behind the trip actually came from Atti's personal experience during COVID-19 being separated from his family. "What I've seen is a cathartic time, the moment when you hug a person again… It's magnificent," he said. And truly, what could be more magnificent than a globe-trotting adventure with the entire family?

To learn more about VistaJet's Surprise Reunions, visit the private jet company's website.

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