This Private Jet Company Will Take You on 'Jet Safaris' to See Meteor Showers and Polar Bear Migrations

Verijet just debuted in November 2020 and already services 5,400 hangars in the U.S.

Two weeks ago, I co-piloted a certified jet that bills itself as the safest ever built. How do you know it's one of the safest private jets in the friendly skies? I wasn't actually co-piloting the aircraft — artificial intelligence was. At the helm of the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet was Verijet CEO Richard Kane. And with the assist: AI technology that's trained to correct any mistake a pilot could make.

Verijet planes flying
Courtesy of Verijet

Verijet showed up to disrupt the private aviation scene in November 2020. While the PJ life guarantees the ease of private hangars, helping passengers circumvent the commercial airport terminal hustle, Verijet takes things a step further. Its system finds the closest hangar to your starting point and your destination. And because its carbon fiber jets are economically sized, it can fly out of almost any hangar in the U.S.

Verijet's recent expansion to the West Coast puts 5,400 American airports in play, which is unprecedented, even in the realm of private travel.

Verijet planes in a hanger
Courtesy of Verijet

Verijet's main line of business right now is short private flights under 800 nautical miles (think: the Hamptons to Florida) and its model makes it so you don't have to haul to JFK or Miami International. Instead, you can depart from a Montauk airport right by your hotel and fly to an airport five minutes from your Palm Beach house. As Kane tells me, while he pilots us from LA to Napa at 31,000 feet, most people don't even realize there's a private airport just a few minutes from their house.

However, the company's ethos is rooted in exploration, which is why these jets aren't just for the luxurious hops from Miami to the Bahamas. It can also take passengers up to 31,000 feet to see some of the most anticipated celestial events in the universe. Verijet is currently taking passengers up to see the ongoing Perseid meteor shower. It'll also track the Northern Lights and bring private charters to see — or be enveloped within — aurora borealis above the clouds.

Migrating Polar Bears, Manitoba, Canada
Larry Williams/Getty Images

As it expands its offerings, not only to include an impressive amount of hangars across the country, Verijet is already planning jet safaris to show passengers once-in-a-lifetime sights, like the polar bear migration in the Arctic Circle. Its sights are set on European expansion in the coming years as well, but for now, Verijet is focused on setting unheard of standards with completely private flights at $3,000 an hour — sans repositioning fees.

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