22 of the Most Expensive Vacations You Can Take

Six Senses Zighy Bay
Photo: Courtesy of Six Senses Resorts

When money is no object, the entire world becomes a destination. Whether you’ve recently won the Powerball, inherited a fortune, or just started feeling a hole burning in your pocket, there are endless reasons to start researching a (gilded) bucket list trip.

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The Pikaia Lodge in Ecuador

Pikaia Lodge in the Galapagos
Courtesy of the Pikaia Lodge

Pay homage to evolution with a stay on Darwin’s favorite archipelago, the Galapagos. The Pikaia Lodge was “designed for the environmentally conscious, physically active and adventurous traveler,” and is centrally located to allow easy access to all of the islands.

Guests can dine at the lodge’s restaurant on the edge of a crater or wander around the facilities and come face-to-face with a giant tortoise. A week's stay in the lodge’s pool suite starts at $10,205 per person.

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North Island in Seychelles

North Island, Seychelles
Courtesy of North Island

Vacation like George and Amal Clooney at this private island resort. There are only 11 villas, ensuring that it’s possible to get far, far away from the rest of the world. The Villa North Island is the most exclusive at the resort, available at about $11,000 per night. Within the villa’s 8,000 square feet there’s a series of wooden decks, a coconut grove, and even a private entrance to a secluded beach. And for what it’s worth: Rumor has it that Will and Kate honeymooned here, too.

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The Post House at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California

The Post House at the Post Ranch Inn
Courtesy of the Post Ranch Inn

The wealthy clientele who stay at the Post Ranch Inn generally do so to escape the rest of the world while enjoying views of the Pacific Ocean. The luxury resort’s most expensive accommodation takes these wishes up to the next level, with an added dash of coziness. Guests at the Post House have unparalleled views of the ocean, whether that’s through the floor-to-ceiling windows from their beds or across the horizon from their private jacuzzis. The room is available for $4,350 per night.

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Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge in Rwanda

Bisate Lodge, Rwanda
Courtesy of Wilderness Safaris | Crookes & Jackson

The newly opened Bisate Lodge sits directly next to Rwanda’s Volcano National Park. The secluded location only has six villas, all designed to resemble the palaces of traditional Rwandan monarchs, featuring a central fireplace and decks overlooking the nearby volcanoes. Guests can opt to help in the lodge’s reforestation project and contribute to conservation efforts for Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. Rooms start at $1,100 per person per night.

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White Desert “Greatest Trip” to Antarctica

White Desert Luxury Retreats in Antarctica
Courtesy of White Desert

For those who want an ultimate luxury vacation but don’t have much time to spend, White Desert offers a one-day trip to Antarctica. Starting off from Cape Town, guests board a Gulfstream Private Jet and set off for the icy continent. Travelers have about eight hours to explore, ending in a gourmet champagne dinner. The entire trip lasts less than 24 hours but will set you back $195,000.

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Tierra Patagonia in Chile

Tierra, Patagonia
Courtesy of Tierra

The reason to travel to Tierra Patagonia is clear. Its large, spacious windows frame an unobstructed view of the mountains in Torres del Paine National Park. The “luxury adventure” hotel encourages guests to cozy up on the couch with a glass of Chilean wine to enjoy the view after a day of hiking. The hotel’s all-inclusive suite starts at $3,400 per person per night for a double occupancy.

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The Hilltop Villa at Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

Laucala Island, Fiji
John Laurie

High atop Fiji’s Laucala Island, there’s a $44,000-per-night villa where guests can experience the ultimate in secluded luxury. The villa sits far away from the rest of civilization and it’s only accessible via private road on an already private island. However, even the uber-wealthy might not be able to get in here: A reservation requires approval by the island’s owner.

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The Penthouse Apartment at the Hotel Georges V in Paris, France

George V Paris
Courtesy of The George V

One of Paris’s most famous luxury hotels is home to one of the city’s most iconic views. From the private balcony of the penthouse apartment at the Hotel Georges V, there’s an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower across the Seine — ideal for photo shoots or romantic gestures. Inside the hotel suite, there’s a flurry of luxe features, including a marble infinity bathtub. The room starts at about $26,500 per night.

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Necker Island

Necker Island
Getty Images/Perspectives

Vacation like Richard Branson and Barack Obama on Necker Island. The private island in the British Virgin Islands has a variety of wildlife and will set guests up with scuba, waterskiing or sailing gear to go explore it all. It’s available from $80,000 per night for up to 34 guests — or, you know, just you and the former president of the United States of America.

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Villa Manzu in Costa Rica

Villa Manzu, Costa Rica
Courtesy of Villa Manzu

This estate spread across five acres of isolated peninsula into the Pacific Ocean. There are only eight suites on the entire property, ensuring serenity. Guests also have access to the villa’s wine room, stocked with sommelier-chosen bottles and award-winning cigars. And for those who care about celeb standards: earlier this year the Kardashian clan stayed at the lodge for their Costa Rican vacation. It’s available to rent starting at $16,500 per night.

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Africa House at The Royal Malewane at Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa

Africa House at the Royal Malewane
Courtesy of The Royal Portfolio

Glampers on safari can elect to stay at this air-conditioned house, complete with four-poster beds in all six rooms. After a day of tracking down the Big Five with a private game ranger and tracker, guests can have a meal cooked by their private chef or head to the resort’s spa for a massage. Accommodations start at about $15,000 per night for up to eight guests — although it’s also possible to rent out the entire resort for $51,000 per night.

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Fogo Island Inn in Canada

Fogo Island Inn
Courtesy of the Fogo Island Inn

It’s not cheap to reach the end of the world. Travelers who want to reach this boutique hotel at the end of the world (a remote island in Newfoundland, Canada) can either go on a timely journey or charter a helicopter ride in. Once they’ve arrived, guests can join a sponsorship program where they’re matched with locals to understand the area’s culture or instead relax in one of the hotel’s rooftop hot tubs. Fogo Island Inn’s most exclusive lodging, called the Flat Earth suite, only reveals its price upon request — although it’s rumored to be somewhere in the $3,100 per night range.

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Chalet Zermatt Peak in Zermatt, Switzerland

Chalet Zermatt Peak
Courtesy of Chalet Zermatt Peak

After hitting the slopes, wealthy skiers can escape to this luxury five-star chalet with 13 friends. It comes equipped with a Michelin-starred gourmet chef, ready to whip up apres-ski treats, and two in-house massages per day. A weeklong stay at the chalet starts at about $57,000 but can reach up to $191,000, depending on the season.

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Sail an Omani Dhow at Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman

Six Senses Zighy Bay
Courtesy of Six Senses Resorts

Set sail on a restored Omani Dhow, a sailboat reminiscent of the golden age of Arabian voyages. Guests board the ship from the Six Senses Zighy Bay and set sail through the Musandam fjords, stopping in secluded fishing villages and private bays. It’s possible to book a spa therapist, cooking classes with the chef or dives in the bay aboard the Dhahab. It costs $22,000 for a three-day, two-night itinerary on the boat.

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Maharajah’s Pavilion at Raj Palace in Jaipur, India

Raj Palace, Jaipur
Courtesy of Raj Palace

This extravagant four-floor apartment has its own private entrance and private elevator, which guests can ride all the way to the top. On the last floor, there’s a rooftop terrace, complete with a jacuzzi and panoramic views of Jaipur. And to really feel like a king, there’s a private museum on the second floor displaying the Old Throne and Bolsters of the Thakur Sahib. The palatial suite is available from $15,000 per night.

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Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva

President Wilson Hotel, Geneva
Courtesy of Hotel President Wilson, a Luxury Collection Hotel

This exclusive hotel suite is often acknowledged as the most expensive in the world and the biggest in Europe. For $80,000 per night, guests have access to 12 rooms and over 5,500 square feet of space. However the crowning feature of the suite is the wraparound terrace with views of the Alps over Lac Leman.

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Presidential Suite at the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, Italy

Hotel Principe Savoia, Milan
Courtesy of The Hotel Principe di Savoia

The ultimate in Italian opulence is perhaps best personified by the presidential suite at the Hotel Principe di Savoia. The suite comes complete with chandeliers, velvet furniture and even an iconic in-suite swimming pool. It’s available from $20,000 per night.

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Alang Alang Chateau in Cannes, France

Alang Alang Chateau in Cannes
Courtesy of Luxury Retreats

For those who would rather not deal with hotels, this “Balinese retreat” in Cannes is a luxurious escape for up to 15 of your closest friends. The villa comes with its own picturesque pool and staff, but perhaps the most memorable feature is the dinosaur skull displayed in the living room. The property’s available starting at about $41,000 per night.

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The Royal Suite at the Burj al Arab in Dubai

Royal Suite at Burj Al Arab
Courtesy of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

The Burj al Arab is often referred to as the world’s most expensive hotel. Those who want to stay in the most expensive room at the world’s most expensive hotel should reserve one of the Royal Suites on the 25th floor. The suite has two master bedrooms, each with their own jacuzzi. The entryway is decked out in marble and gold and a grand staircase leads to the suite’s upper level. You can book it starting at $9,000 per night.

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Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Trans-Siberian Express Train
Vostok/Getty Images

The Trans-Siberian railway is one of the most storied train lines in history. Golden Eagle’s luxury journey traverses the iconic Russian tracks in glamour. Accommodations onboard the train rival a hotel, with heated floors in the bathroom, laundry service and a plush bar car, complete with a resident pianist on the baby grand. Prices for the 15-day journey start at $30,995 for the Imperial Suite.

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Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City

Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental
Courtesy of the Mandarin Oriental

You won’t find any information about the Suite 5000 on the Mandarin Oriental’s website. It’s only available to those in the know. Located on the hotel’s 50th floor, a night in the suite is almost like staying in a sleek, expertly-curated museum of New York culture. The walls are lined with an exhibition of New York City-inspired art and the living room is stocked with records that follow the city’s music scene back to the 1930s. Rumor has it the suite starts at $36,000 per night.

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Two Story Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas

Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort
Courtesy of The Palms Casino Resort

Perched above the chaos of the Las Vegas strip, wealthy travelers can relax in the cantilevered pool that extends out over the balcony at the Palms Casino Resort. All 9,000 square feet of the Sky Villa are a study in swanky sexy — right down to the round bed with matching mirror on the ceiling. The suite will set visitors back at least $20,000 per night.

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