Take a private jet to the most remote place on Earth.

By Andrea Romano
July 12, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of White Desert

Travel to the ends of the Earth in style.

White Desert, a luxury adventure company for Antarctica, is launching a private jet service to the remote continent from Cape Town, South Africa. The super-exclusive service, maxing out at 12 guests per trip, has attracted some high-profile guests such as astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Bear Grylls, and Prince Harry.

On each trip, a Gulfstream jet flies guests about 2,400 miles over the Southern Ocean and lands on a blue-ice runway where the sun shines for 24 continuous hours.

It’s the perfect trip for thrill-seekers who want to travel the globe in luxury.

Credit: Courtesy of White Desert

Currently, there is limited availability for the 2017-2018 season, which begins in November, and there is open availability for the 2018-2019 season.

There are four packages to choose from: The “Emperors and South Pole” is an eight-day trip starting at the White Desert’s Whichaway Camp. Guests will then visit an Emperor penguin colony with over 6,000 adorable penguin inhabitants and their even cuter newly hatched chicks, as well as a visit to the American science station at the Geographic South Pole — the most southern point on earth. Packages for the trip are $78,000 per person.

Credit: Courtesy of White Desert

If you’re a little strapped for time (and cash, to a lesser extent) there is the four-day “Ice and Mountains” adventure, at $32,000 per person.

Also available is the “Greatest Day” package at a whopping $195,000 per person, which is a private, chartered, one-day trip to Antarctica.

Credit: Courtesy of White Desert

The last package available is a one-off trip hosted by NASA Astronaut Terry Virts, which includes a special Antarctic screening of his IMAX movie “A Beautiful Planet.” In the film, Virts narrates the incredible tales of his time as International Space Station commander. This adventure is $89,900 per person.

Credit: Courtesy of White Desert

While packages may seem a little pricey, all costs include airport collection from Cape Town, return flight to Antarctica on White Desert Gulf Stream jet, all accommodation, food and drink (including all alcohol) in Antarctica, all guiding fees, support of field guides and logistics staff, use of certain items of polar clothing, and payment of a ‘Carbon Tax’ for offsetting emissions created by all logistics associated with Antarctic travel. The camp operates on a “zero-impact” policy.

For more information, including available dates, can be found on the White Desert website.