Is this the superyacht of the future?

Trimonoran Super Yacht exterior
Credit: Baran Akalin

Imagine hopping into this Escalade, and no, we don’t mean the SUV.

According to CNN, a concept for a new, luxury superyacht called the “Escalade” will be the first first vessel of its kind to feature a Trimonoran hull, a combination of a monohull and a trimaran hull (which comprises of a main hull plus two “floats” on the outside).

The Trimonoran hull, made up of three slimmer hulls, provide 30 percent more space than a vessel of similar size but only one hull (monohull), CNN reported. “The hull provides top speed and stability with less power/energy because of the hull shape and hydrofoils under the body,” said Baran Akalin, one of the yacht’s designers from the Dutch firm Anwigema, to CNN. “Her body also allows [for] smoother sailing than standard hulls. The hull cuts the waves very politely,” he added. Akalin worked with fellow designer G. Jelle Bilkert. The concept for this superyacht has been 20 years in the making, though Akalin joined the project last year, CNN reported.

With the better sailing experience, the 25-meter (about 82 feet) Escalade is estimated to reach a speed of around 42 knots (about 48 mph), according to CNN. And besides being fast and well-designed, the Escalade is also super luxurious.

Trimonoran Super Yacht's Saloon
Credit: Celia Sawyer
Trimonoran Super Yacht's Master Cabin
Credit: Celia Sawyer

According to CNN, the yacht will feature a gigantic, onboard saloon, marble floors, mirrored ceilings,  four en suite cabins, a cinema room, sunbathing areas, a garage that can fit two jet skis and a dinghy, and a glass-bottomed tub. British interior designer Celia Sawyer designed this gorgeous yacht’s opulent interior.

This ultimate luxury yacht is still in its concept stages, though Akalin says that there is some potential interest and that the project would take at least 10 months to complete, CNN reported.

Until then, the rest of us can just add this impressive boat to our dream boards.