This Monthly Subscription Will Give You Unlimited Stays in Luxury Resorts

Punta Cana Villa Bagua Private Beach
Photo: Courtesy of Inspirato

Luxury travel company Inspirato is introducing a new pass that lets travelers book stays around the world without paying nightly rates, taxes, or fees.

Pass holders get unlimited access to more than 60,000 vacation homes, hotels, and resorts around the world. The price: a flat fee of $2,500 a month.

How it works: Inspirato Pass holders pick an available trip or property from a list of thousands in over 150 locations around the world. Once they check out, they can select their next reservation. The list of available trips and properties updates daily, and new choices are frequently added.

“The conceptualization of Inspirato Pass was a natural next step in the evolution of the luxury travel space,” said Brent Handler, Inspirato’s founder and CEO, in a statement.

“Pass gives affluent travelers the freedom to book a wider variety of trips and experiences on a more frequent basis, without the burden of nightly rates all at tremendous value.”

Of course, you still need to get from place to place, and the $2,500 a month does not include transportation or incidentals.

Inspirato also gives pass holders access to the company’s group offerings — like cruises around Europe and African safaris — and Inspirato’s travel specialists who help with booking and assisting guests during their stay.

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