The Best New Way to Explore French Polynesia Is Aboard This Mobile Overwater Villa

Tahiti Homes, Mobile Overwater Villa
Photo: Courtesy of Tahiti Homes

You say, “above-water bungalow.”

I say, “catamaran through the lagoons.”

They say, “why not both?”

As if Tahiti couldn’t get any better, there’s now a way to get an above-water villa that moves with the tides. Introducing the Exclusive Lagoon Yachting Package – the first floating houseboat in French Polynesia.

Moored in Bora Bora (because where else), this super-luxe accommodation sleeps up to eight people with four separate cabins and two bathrooms. Plus, it floats through the pristine blue water inside the Bora Bora lagoon at around five knots. Want to see blacktip sharks at night? They’ve got that. Schools of fish swarming the reefs? That, too. Sea turtles and stingrays floating by? Yep.

Tahiti Homes, Mobile Overwater Villa
Courtesy of Tahiti Homes

This catamaran isn’t just luxurious, however — it’s also eco-friendly. The boat runs on solar power and only has a thermal generator for emergencies. In addition, the boat has its own water treatment facility to reuse water, and it barely makes a sound, which helps keep coral and other marine life calm and comfortable. You can also feel good that the catamaran was designed locally and built in a local shipyard, so its carbon footprint is practically nil.

The fantasy of staying in an overwater bungalow is real. They’re stunning, romantic, and evocative. But Tahiti isn’t about staying in one place the whole time. There’s so much to see, do, and explore that being able to take your house with you can be the best new way to enjoy the islands.

So, what does this cost? Admittedly, it’s not cheap, and there’s a three-night minimum stay. But for $1,500 a day, you can be environmentally friendly, see the whole island of Bora Bora, and not feel trapped in one location for the duration of your trip. Besides, $1,500 divided by eight people is less than $200 a night, and finding that price at a hotel on the island is nearly impossible.

Keep your eyes peeled as this one-of-a-kind accommodation launches this summer and you’ll be able to find it on the Tahiti Homes website.

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