Crystal Luxury Air Boeing 777-200ER AirCruises Skye
Credit: Courtesy of Crystal AirCruises

Those who are bored with regular vacations can now take 87 of their closest friends on a chartered air cruise aboard a luxury Boeing 777 for only $55,000 per hour.

Over the weekend, Crystal Cruises christened their new aircraft, Crystal Skye, at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The luxury travel company says the aircraft is the “world’s largest private charter plane.”

Crystal Cruises AirCruises Skye Boeing 777 Luxury Airline
Credit: Courtesy of Crystal AirCruises

On the plane, passengers will have access to the world’s largest flying wine cellar and a full-time private chef. Chef Francois Van Zyl, formerly of Etihad Airways, will tailor each menu to reflect the destinations the plane will travel between. There’s also an in-flight sommelier who can pair the in-flight food with an accompanying wine.

Each seat has customizable privacy surrounding and reclines flat. Passengers have access to Bose headphones, iPads, amenity kits from Etro, 24-inch entertainment screens and unlimited Wi-Fi while seated.

Crystal Cruises AirCruises Skye Boeing 777 Luxury Airline
Credit: Courtesy of Crystal AirCruisesCourtesy of Crystal AirCruises

And once passengers leave their seats, they’ll find a spacious lounge area, complete with bar. A mixologist behind the bar completes the cabin crew, which Crystal Cruises says is the “highest staff-to-guest ratio of any private jet experience.” The plane’s private butlers are equipped with butler carts, ready to clean glasses, steam clothing and polish shoes while in-flight.

Passengers can choose from 91 different customization options for a total of 331 unique flight options. The Boeing 777-200R is available to charter for flights up to 19.5 hours non-stop.

Crystal Skye will make its first chartered flight on September 30, bringing 86 passengers from Hong Kong on an eight-night itinerary that includes stops in Nairobi, Kenya and Tahiti. The National Hockey League has reportedly already chartered the plane for a future flight, as well.

Customers should contact Crystal AirCruises to inquire about chartering the plane.