These First Class Fliers Want You to Know What You're Missing Out on Back There in Coach (Video)

Have you ever squeezed yourself into your coach seat, only to sit and wonder how life would be at the front of the plane?

Well, people who have flown first class are happy to tell you about their experiences. An AskReddit thread asked some lucky travelers for the best perks of flying first class, and they jumped at the chance to share.

Read the answers to "Redditors who've flown first class, what are the people in coach missing out on?" and just try not to cry over your sad bag of pretzels.

Lie-flat Seats

At the top of the thread, a Redditor stated that one of the best perks is seats that not only come with more leg room, but fold down into a bed. Another clarified that these seats usually measure under six feet, but still, you can always curl up.

A Better Boarding Experience

Have you ever wondered how first class passengers seem to already be settled comfortably in their seats when you get on the plane, even if you’re in the first boarding group? That’s because most airlines board first class even before Group 1 (or Group A), and some use different boarding doors.

Toiletry Kits and Champagne

Yes, the rumors are true. You can get complimentary champagne and a nice swag bag of travel essentials.


One Redditor said your “seat is like a little pod - your divider is up and you cannot see who is next to you, and your pod exits to the aisle so you never have to disturb anyone if you need to get up or use the lavatory.” Heaven.

The Food

Forget the shrink-wrapped options in coach. One Redditor mentioned there are wine lists, warm nuts, and even shrimp cocktail.

Real Silverware and Linens

Plastic forks and paper napkins are nowhere in sight.

Better Entertainment

One Redditor mentioned that they got noise cancelling headphones.

Onboard Chefs (Sometimes)

“Air France...had an on-board chef to individually make the meals,” said one Redditor.

A Shower

One Redditor mentioned that Emirates has a first-class shower, which is especially great for travelers on extremely long flights.

Peace and Quiet

Many Redditors mentioned that the chaos and noise of economy is virtually nonexistent in first class.

While many of us deal with cramped seats and noisy neighbors, you have to admit the very thought of first class would make anyone jealous.

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