Big Game Air Private Jet Sports Game Service
Credit: Chris Bain

Sports megafans will do just about anything to support their team.

They’ll paint their faces, devote their Sundays for months on end, and even travel extreme distances to root for their team in enemy territory.

And while painting your face will always be a difficult task, traveling to support your team doesn’t have to be, according to Arturo Gomez and Todd Rubin, founders of Big Game Air.

The duo, who both have experience in the hospitality industry, are fusing together private aviation with the convenience of same-day, round-trip travel with their latest venture.

“The concept came about when my wife was seven months pregnant with our first child,” Gomez said in a statement. “I wanted to attend a Big Ten football game which would be soon after she gave birth. My wife didn't want me leaving her alone with our newborn baby overnight. So, I had to figure out a way to get to the game and return home the same day.”

Gomez then called Rubin, an aviation expert, to help with some research and planning. The two were able to devise a plan and book a private jet to take them and a few of their buddies along for the ride.

“We arrived home 12 hours later. Everyone agreed it was a great experience, and we knew we had an exciting and unique opportunity on our hands, which set Big Game Air in motion,” Gomez said.

Flight options are currently based out of Chicago, Columbus, Detroit and New York City, with service offered to major sports-centric cities in the Midwest, including Green Bay, Iowa City, Lincoln, and Ann Arbor. The company plans to expand to additional regional markets in 2018.

To help keep costs relatively low, Big Game Air subcontracts private luxury jets that can accommodate anywhere from nine to 30 people. The average cost of a round-trip ticket ranges from $1,200 to $2,200 depending on the duration of flight and jet size. Not cheap — but possibly cheaper than those 50-yard line seats.

The ticket also includes ground transport, but does not include a ticket to the actual sporting event.

“We're offering passengers a game-changing experience from purchase to take-off and return, with the ease of selecting single private jet seats on our digital platform,” Rubin said. Now if only they could get me to Super Bowl LII, which we all know Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be in.