Best Instagrams for aspirational travel
Credit: Courtesy of Virgin Limited Edition

Instagram is one of the best places to fuel your wanderlust. Well, that and your envy of everyone who is taking amazing vacations. As sad as it is, there are some vacations that we just can't afford — or they're just too exclusive for more than one person to experience.

Luxury travel can be anything: next-level hotels, safaris where no detail has gone forgotten, a secluded pool surrounded by rainforests and waterfalls. You can find all of these things and more in the wide world of well-traveled Instagrammers.

And even if you don't have the means to make a similar excursion, it's still fun to live vicariously. That's what the app is all about, right?

We went on a hunt to find the Instagrammers showing off the most luxurious travels around the world. You're welcome — or maybe we should apologize to your bank account.


Not only has Christina Vidal been named one of TripAdvisor's Top 10 Instagram accounts, but she's also traveled to 53 countries — so far. From the lavender fields of France to the wineries of Napa Valley, she takes her followers all around the world with her.

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Le Postcard follows jetsetters around the world on their travels, posting their best photos from the @lepostcard account. The result is a page full of truly stunning beach scenes.

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This Instagram account is the story of a couple who quit their jobs to sail the world on a luxury yacht. Spontaneous dips in the ocean, on-shore excursions, delicious seafood for days — if you couldn't already tell, this account is total #couplegoals.

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Each post on this Instagram account serves as a bucket list item in itself. From the uninhabited Marieta Islands to Siberia's ice caves, there's always something new to discover and explore.

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If you're into incredible bath tub views, blue water as far as the eye can see, and ice cream cones that'll make your mouth water, this is the travel account for you.

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You could take a trip around the world and still not see all of the luxury offerings this account has to share. The photos you'll find here are all from luxury travelers around the world, submitting their experiences using the account's #TheLuxuryLifestyleMagazine hashtag.

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You will find no shortage of breakfast spreads, hotel lobby details, and jaw-dropping pool scenes on traveler Tiffany Dowd's account.

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Christina Tan — one of the T+L Social Ambassadors — is constantly sharing photos from the most beautiful places in the world. She takes the time to regram photos from her wide network of friends who travel, as well, giving a mix of different perspectives on luxury travel.

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