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Luxury travel offers the best of the best: intimate experiences, personalized services, gourmet meals, and beautiful surroundings that together promise a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of stress. Maybe it’s champagne at liftoff or a Michelin-starred restaurant (and accompanying reservation) in the lobby, a king-size bed and marble-lined bathroom or a butler to pack and unpack your luggage. With editors and contributors spread wide throughout the world, Travel + Leisure has the answers, whether you are looking for luxury accommodations, luxury meals, luxury adventures, or luxury transport.

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Why Buying a Private Jet Membership During the Pandemic Was Worth It, According to Someone Who Did It

During the pandemic, many turned to private jet memberships to be able to continue flying in a safe and private manner. Is a private jet membership worth the price? A member weighs in.

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Swim With Turtles, Go Glass-bottom Kayaking, and Enjoy Sunset Picnics at This Beachfront Hotel in St. Barts

The stunning Le Sereno hotel sits on a protected marine reserve perfect for water sports like snorkeling, kitesurfing, kayaking, and more.