It's no surprise that it's gotten so easy to buy a charger or adapter at the airport: travelers seem to misplace, forget or just shed the things like old gum wrappers.

Indeed, those dull-but-essential accessories accounted for 68 percent of the items left behind at Choice Hotels, according to a recent survey of the company's European hoteliers.

Another 25 percent of lost items were comprised of equally inconvenient missteps: that dress or suit jacket still hanging in the hotel room closet, shoes tucked under the bed, or a good book left next to the loo.

The last 7 percent, however, fascinated us the most: one hotel in France reported a cooker left behind—it's just so hard to get decent coq au vin on the road—while other hotels found abandoned dental appliances, false eyes, and even artificial legs in rooms. Memo to the hoteliers: A friendly—but observant—hotel staffer could have perhaps saved the day when those guests were at the front desk checking out.