I’ve been trying to get back to London for years now, but other travels (to Paris, Avignon, New Mexico, L.A.) keep getting in the way. So I was thrilled to learn that the chic British neighborhood of Newburgh Quarter is literally coming to my backyard.

Mark Your Calendars: From August 20-September 13, 2009, London’s hip shopping block—usually located in the East Quarter of Carnaby—will set up on New York City's Lower East Side. Over 30 shops, including Beyond the Valley (the go-to spot for emerging designers), The Great Frog (for handcrafted rock-and-roll jewelry), and vintage mecca The Face, amongst others, will take over Orchard Street with in-store activities and collaborative window displays. In the evenings, New York’s hipsters (and even more buttoned-up folks such as myself) can enjoy traditional English tea parties before heading to LES mainstays Piano’s and Schiller’s Liquor Bar. And on the last night of the event, a God Saves the Queen party will feature NYC bands doing UK covers.

Will this city switcheroo actually be a success? Let’s hope so, since in October, top LES boutiques—Earnest Sewn, Bblessing, Mastihashop—will head across the pond for their own neighborhood takeover. If you’re there, don’t forget to check out Twenty8Twelve, Sienna and Savannah Miller’s new boutique.

Intrigued? Maybe I’ll see you on Orchard Street!

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Sarah Kantrowitz is an associate editor at Travel + Leisure.