By Lindsey Olander
May 27, 2014

How to taste your way through Israel’s capital of cool? We asked the habitués of this historic quarter of food stalls and cafés for their picks.

Naeel Husein, Produce Vendor: “I eat at Miznon almost every day. It’s close to Carmel Market and serves pitas stuffed with grilled meats and vegetables.” 30 King George St.; 972-3/631-7688. $

Meirav Ameo, High-Tech Product Designer: “Friday afternoons find me snacking on fresh bread and olives at Porto, one of the city’s best wine boutiques.” 6 Tchernichovsky; 972-3/620-6610.

Barak David Mizrahi, Graphic designer:Café Italia is a simple place that lives by the maxim ‘less is more.’ They have great seafood and desserts.” 6 Kreminitzki. $$$

Ifat Schlezinger, Creative Director: “After ordering a mix of greens— apple, celery, ginger, and cucumber—from the Tikva juice stand, I feel like Superwoman.” HaShomer St.; no phone.

Rotem Bar Or (pictured left) with friend Ross Belfer Singer: “There’s always something going on at Hoodna Bar, be it an art exhibition or surprise jazz session.” 13 Abarbanel; 972-3/518-4558.

Shiri Gafni, Criminal Prosecutor: “Georgian restaurant and bar Nanuchka has a cheerful atmosphere; I always get the sorrel soup and cheese-filled khinkali dumplings.” 30 Lilienblum; 972-3/516-2254. $$$

Restaurant Pricing Key
$ Less than $25
$$ $25 to $75
$$$ $75 to $150
$$$$ More than $150