The idea of chucking it all and decamping to a new exotic land has surely crossed many a world traveler’s mind. This is a passing daydream for some, but for others, it’s a calling—a chance to truly immerse oneself in a foreign culture and community, and to reinvent one's life.

If you’re interested in what the experience of being an ex-patriot is all about, the risks and the rewards, we invite you to watch the new web-series EX-PATS on YouTube’s Reserve Channel. Created in cooperation with Travel + Leisure (our editors are advisors on the show), the series takes viewers around the world to profile ex-pats who’ve made the move and have some wild and wonderful stories to share.

Hosted by Savannah Jane Buffet, the series will debut a new episode every month, with weekly behind-the-scenes tidbits—outtakes, interviews, and bonus profiles and destination information.

Don’t miss EX-PATS' premiere episode spotlighting two American micro-brewers on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and stay tuned for more fascinating personalities and destinations to come. Who knows, you just may be inspired to put your home on the market and take off for lands unknown!

Adrien Glover is the deputy digital editor at Travel + Leisure.