Spend the Night in a Floating Glass Igloo at Sea — Polar Landscape Views and Stellar Stargazing Included

Spend a night underneath the stars in a glass igloo dome, thanks to these epic cruise expeditions.

National Geographic Endurance Igloo in Antarctica
Photo: Kristin Lindblad

Dreams are coming true for those seeking a whole new way to experience an evening under the stars. The first-ever Polar Igloos at sea have officially set sail aboard two new, state-of-the-art Lindblad vessels, providing a cozy, temperature-controlled setting to stargaze like never before.

The National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Resolution are both fully stabilized vessels of the highest ice class, allowing for unprecedented access to polar regions. Now, they're offering first-of-their-kind igloos on deck with panoramic views of spectacular polar landscapes and starry nighttime skies. These transparent structures are located at the top and back of the ship, which means they're tucked away in a secluded, peaceful space.

National Geographic Endurance Igloo in Antarctica
Kristin Lindblad

Each glass dome is completely clear, but protected from the chill and wind outside, so guests can soak in unspoiled vistas all while keeping safe and warm. It's an unparalleled opportunity to catch a glimpse of places rarely seen, and it's available each evening for passengers to reserve.

Initially, the igloos were designed as solarizing units for the adjacent infinity hot tubs, but thanks to the creative vision of Lindblad founder Sven Lindblad, who has been fascinated with Inuit ice architecture since he was a kid, these structures have since been transformed into a unique luxury amenity — a cabana-type option for spending the night.

National Geographic Endurance Igloo
Oivind Haug

During the day, the igloos are open to use, which is great for those seeking some weather protection or to lounge on the soft daybeds adorned with faux fur throws. But when the sun goes down, the igloos are available only with a reservation, so guests can have them all to themselves for the night.

National Geographic Endurance Igloo
Oivind Haug

Each evening, the igloos are transformed into a space made for enjoying a comfortable night's sleep. They house a two-person teak wood bed that's warmed by twin hot water bottles (in the traditional Scandinavian way) and appointed with cozy comforters. Guests will also enjoy plush robes and oversized fleece-lined capes that allow them to venture outside to enjoy the adjacent infinity hot tubs and smattering of stars above.

Customized lights inside the igloos illuminate the dark, giving guests the chance to create their own sort of northern lights ambience. And when the ship moves, the igloo rooms move with it, like a constantly changing, high-resolution documentary of the arctic in real-time.

The National Geographic Endurance offers more than a dozen itineraries to destinations such as Antarctica, Norway, Iceland, and Greenland, while the National Geographic Resolution offers nearly 30 itineraries to Iceland, coastal Japan, Norway, Patagonia, and European destinations like Barcelona and the Basque Country in Spain.

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