T+L asked some of our favorite global nomads and trendsetters to share their all-time dream journeys.

“A limo whisks me to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, where I’m escorted up, up to the high-rollers’ suite—bowling alley; pool table—and offered a single perfect red grape by a team of uniformed pamperers, who draw me a bath and inform me that my entire stay is on the house. And it ends when I lose all my money at blackjack. With no regrets.” —Walter Kirn author, Up in the Air

“Tasting all the street food at every last market in Thailand and Vietnam.” —Eric Ripert, chef, Le Bernardin

Spain—for surfing by day (Mundaka, San Sebastián) and the world’s best restaurants by night (El Bulli, Arzak, Martin Berasategui, Etxebarri).” —Yves Behar, industrial designer

“Driving cross-country in an RV with my family.” —Karolina Kurkova, model

“Staying in eco-hotels, eating in local restaurants, and absorbing the culture of Costa Rica.” —Nicole Miller, fashion designer

“Diving with whales off Tonga, in the South Pacific.” —Andrew McCarthy, actor, director, and writer

“A three-month, caravan-style road trip from Paris to Tibet via Eastern Europe, Turkey, and the Khyber Pass—with a trailer following to carry all the herbs, jewelry, and baubles gathered along the way.” —Padma Lakshmi, host, Top Chef

“Getting thoroughly lost in Cuba, then jetting off to India on a buying trip, followed by studio visits in Berlin and St. Petersburg, a motocross trek with my brothers across North Africa, and finally, a safari in Kenya with my extended family.” —Andy Spade cofounder, Kate Spade handbags

South Africa for adventures in the wild and the 2010 World Cup this summer.” —Ben Watts, fashion photographer

“Now that my son is old enough to care about our family history, I’d take him on a genealogical quest in Belarus.” —Lisa Kudrow, actress

“Sailing the Mediterranean, with my mobile phones switched off, listening to nothing but the sounds of the waves and gazing at the stars.” —Roberto Cavalli, fashion designer

“I’d love to scour remote Italy, doing a census of obscure pasta shapes. Few experiences rival being able to refer to pasta in the singular: spaghetto, fettucina.” —Henry Alford, writer

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