NYC Is Celebrating Pride by Giving Subway Trains and Metrocards Rainbow Makeovers

MTA Subway PRIDE Trains
Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit

New York City is gearing up for World Pride 2019, starting with the subways.

New York City is hosting this year’s World Pride Day, which is a particular honor for the city since this year is also the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Now, according to ABC 7, the MTA is paying homage to Pride with specially decorated Pride Trains and Metrocards.

On Friday, June 14, the MTA unveiled five trains along the 1 Line, which runs between the Bronx and Lower Manhattan, which have each of their 10 cars decorated with Pride flag decals in the shape of a heart, according to ABC 7.

MTA Subway PRIDE Trains
Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit

“The MTA celebrates diversity and inclusivity, and we're incredibly proud to mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and the WorldPride events in our service area with our special Pride trains, and limited-edition MetroCards and merchandise,” the MTA said in a statement to ABC 7.

The NYCT Subway Twitter account also posted about the newly decorated trains on Thursday, June 13.

There is also an official Pride Train Twitter account, which posts updates about the train as well as photos from several stations, and Pride-themed subway notices. These posters have been posted in subway stations for the last three years, according to CNN.

According to the NYCT Subway Twitter account, select subway stations are also issuing Pride-themed Metrocards and provided a list of where you can get them. Many of these stations are high-traffic and tourist-heavy areas like 34th Street, Grand Central, Times Square, Union Square, which is very convenient if you’re just visiting for Pride.

They can also be found at Christopher Street, according to ABC 7, which is very close to the historic Stonewall Inn. Merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and so on can be purchased online or in person at the New York Transit Museum.

In addition to simply decorating trains in honor of Pride, the MTA is also running the trains at full capacity during the weekend of June 29 and 30 in order to accommodate people attending the festivities, according to Gothamist. Trains that are usually not in service or have longer wait times between trains during the weekend will be back on their weekday schedules during these days — which is truly a blessing only New Yorkers can understand.

MTA Subway PRIDE Trains
Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit

Also, Gothamist reported, all non-emergency construction on routes near the march will also be halted during these days, except for the L Train, because we can’t have it all, New York.

The Pride Trains will remain until the end of June. Pride-themed Metrocards will be issued until inventory runs out, according to the NYCT Subway Twitter.

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