Here's Where and How the LGBTQI+ Community Will Travel Again, According to Survey

A new survey from misterBnB gives insight into how LGBTQI+ travelers are thinking right now.

As lockdown restrictions for the coronavirus pandemic wind down around the globe, many people are asking themselves when they are comfortable traveling again.

misterBnB, a booking site dedicated to advice and safety for LGBTQI+ travelers, asked the LGBTQI+ community when they plan to travel again in 2020. While the pandemic is still ongoing, many travelers have expressed a desire to hopefully travel this summer — but with personal health and safety in mind.

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According to misterBnB, 38 percent of all participants said they hoped to enjoy a summer vacation before the end of August, and 29 percent plan to travel again in September or October. 72 percent of Europeans were more likely to travel again soon versus 65 percent of Americans who responded to the survey.

Of course, there are some conditions most of the participants stipulated in order to feel safe and comfortable traveling again. According to misterBnB, traveling closer to home seemed like the best option, with 66 percent of Americans saying they will only travel domestically, but only 47 percent of the European respondents are willing to travel abroad as soon as borders are reopened.

In addition, the discovery of a vaccine for coronavirus was a huge factor for most LGBTQI+ travelers. 71 percent of American participants are planning to wait for the vaccine to begin traveling again, but 60 percent of Europeans (especially younger respondents) will simply wait until travel restrictions are lifted, vaccine or not.

As for their mode of transportation, it comes as no surprise that traveling by car is by far the most popular option, with 75 percent of Americans and 62 percent of the Europeans planning on road trips. But, air travel isn’t out of the question. 60 percent of all participants said they will fly on their first post-pandemic trip, particularly young adults (64 percent). About 64 percent of Americans (and 55 percent of Europeans) also said they don’t intend to take a bus or train for their first post virus trip. One travel option that most people (92 percent) plan to swear off for the time being? Cruise ships.

When American LGBTQI+ travelers plan to take vacations again, many people are choosing affordable, mostly domestic or close-by international options. According to misterBnB, Palm Springs is the number one post-pandemic destination for LGBTQI+ travelers, followed by anywhere in Florida, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, and Provincetown rounding out the top five, respectively. Puerto Vallarta, San Francisco, New Orleans, other cities in Mexico, and Las Vegas rounded out the top ten.

Where do your post-pandemic travel plans stack up? See the full results of the LGBTQI+ travel survey on the misterBnB website.

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