November 1997

Roman Feasts
"How to Eat Well in Rome" [June] was essential for the grand finale of our recent Mediterranean trip. Both the Replay Café and Dal Bolognese lived up to your praise. We loved Rome-- and if the coins we tossed in Trevi Fountain are any guarantee, we will return. (We've saved the article and will catch up on the restaurants we missed.)
Robert Klausner
Cooper City, Fla.

Tall Tale
While I know people who have traveled to Kenya, none of them had been to Giraffe Manor ["Giraffic Park," August]. So I was delighted to read Lynn Sherr's account, for here was someone who had experienced what I had! I have loved giraffes ever since that visit.
Peggy Sansone
Red Bank, N.J.

Seafaring Singles
In August's Ask T&L you fielded the question, "Is there a service that pairs singles for cruises?" A new one does just that. Beth Grosholz (cruise director for a trip I took on Royal Caribbean) and her son Trevor have formed a singles division at Majestic Sun Tours (800/995-7245), which will more or less take the place of the old Singleworld group (where Beth was also a cruise director).
Bob Busch
Overland Park, Kans.

Vermont Cooking
The Inn at the Round Barn Farm is indeed a special place ["The Great Inns of Vermont," August]. But you did a disservice to the towns of Warren and Waitsfield by describing them as "fried-mozzarella country." Please send your reporter back to the Common Man, Chez Henri, Sam Rupert's, or the Millbrook Inn-- just to name a few of the area's terrific restaurants-- unless, of course, he was trying to keep these places a secret.
Ann M. Borah
Seekonk, Mass.

Pliny on Vesuvius
James Atlas, describing Vesuvius ["Endless Naples," August], attributes the observation that the volcanic plume was "like an umbrella pine" to Pliny the Elder. It was actually his nephew, Pliny the Younger. As Atlas notes, Pliny the Elder died of suffocation in the eruption.
Robert L. Thomas II
Decatur, Ala.

A Deal in Ecuador
Visiting Ecuador in 1995, we too were taken with Hacienda Cusin ["Over the Volcanoes and Through the Ruins," August]. We were put off, though, by the dogs everywhere, including the dining room. A better choice was nearby Hacienda PensaquÌ (593/692-0387; doubles $80), where we ate with the owners, sipped wine by their fireplace, and slept in a suite with a four-poster bed, alpaca rugs, and a Jacuzzi. They even baked me a birthday cake.
Lawrence W. Lipman
Fair Lawn, N.J.

Enchanting Seas
Andrew Solomon's writing in "Sailing to Byzantium" [June] was fitting for such a magical voyage. I felt transported-- happy and carefree in the bright sun, enchanted with history and art, reading and storytelling.
Priscilla Wolcott
Whittier, Calif.

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