December 1998

Vintage Rhine
Reading Joel Agee's "The Rhine Runs Through It" [August], I was surprised to see Luca Trovato's photo of the Graf Zeppelin café in Konstanz, Germany. In the fall of 1984, my mother and I stayed at the Hotel-Restaurant Graf Zeppelin, and I took a photo of the same scene. After three days in Konstanz we rented a car and meandered along the river into France. We spent the night in Strasbourg, then crossed the Rhine and drove down the German side, through the quaint university town of Freiburg. It was my first European adventure, and I enjoyed reliving it through your story. Thank you.
Mary Johnston
Bedminster, N.J.

Isle of the Dingoes
Fraser Island ["Paradise Down Under," August] is one of the most spectacular places I've ever explored. If you don't feel you have to stay at a resort, I highly recommend camping. We rented a 4 x 4 along with camping gear in Hervey Bay. The supplier gave us a map and a tide schedule and told us to have fun. It was well worth it. And -- despite the alarming stories that your writer heard about them -- the dingoes left us alone.
Jane Keith
Birmingham, Ala.

Eau de France
Kudos to Jessica Dineen for her piece about self-piloted barge cruising on the Canal du Midi in France ["Barging In," September]. I have rented from Rive de France, the company Ms. Dineen used, for self-piloted trips on various waterways, and have always been pleased.
Kent St. John
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Food Fight
I've just read Holly Brubach's story about Faith Willinger's Italian cooking school ["Cucina Fiorentina," September]. I found Ms. Willinger's remarks about France very contemptuous and vulgar. A "misguided, pretentious country where it's hard to get a good meal"?I've never heard of a French chef making such remarks regarding Italy.
Mrs. W. E. Wilmerding
Candler, N.C.

Reader's Find
My husband and I discovered a gem of a hotel in Soazza, Switzerland, a small mountain village of crooked alleys and rustic stone buildings, where women still do laundry in a rushing stream. Al Cacciatore (41-91/831-1820, fax 41-91/831-1979; doubles $106) has 10 rooms with antique furnishings, two lovely courtyards, and a fabulous restaurant serving local cuisine. The garlic-rubbed lamb chops were extraordinary.
Lynette W. Steger
Fairport, N.Y.

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