Credit: Dagmar Schwelle

Wine for the Ages

Thank you for giving Greek wines the respect they deserve [“Europe’s New Wine Country,” August]. I sampled a wonderful red wine called Kourites at Kamkoutis, a family-run vineyard in Velvento, in the Kozáni region. If you’re in Greece, give it a try! —Marybeth Zerdecki, Fort Worth, Tex.

Your Greek wine story resonated with me—there’s nothing better than good wine in a wonderful setting. Last year I visited Greece and drank it every day—the alcohol didn’t intoxicate me, but the food, culture, and scenery did. — member atkenos

With Bells On

I enjoyed “Our Souvenirs, Ourselves” [July]. While backpacking through Europe, I fell in love with the cows in Switzerland—they wear large bells, and you can hear them echoing as you hike. Years later, my husband and I found authentic cowbells for sale in Interlaken. Not the small tourist souvenirs sold in every shop, but huge bells on leather harnesses. They are a great reminder of those Swiss cows! —Anne Calek, Chicago, Ill.

In “Our Souvenirs, Ourselves,” Reggie Nadelson questions why souvenirs of Mao, but not of Hitler, are okay. It’s time Americans realize Mao is not okay. It’s an unfortunate trend. —Kitty McKinsey, Bangkok, Thailand

The Power of Three

Scott Spencer’s story reminded me of a recent trip to Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovenia [“Secret Slovenia,” July], where we visited the Julian Alps, the Soča Valley, and Lake Bled. I would highly recommend this trip—these three countries have many similarities, but each is unique and enjoyable in its own way. — member cubana

Reader’s Find: Canadian Cool

One of my most unforgettable trips was a seven-day tour with Natural Habitat Adventures to Churchill, Manitoba, on the banks of Hudson Bay. We were there to see the region’s polar bears, which congregate on the shoreline waiting for the river to freeze so they can return to the pack ice to hunt seals. We stayed out on the tundra on trainlike roving buggies with viewing platforms in between. We saw almost 30 bears during our stay—even mothers with cubs. Every night as I walked back to my sleeping berth, I would look in the moonlight at the bears sleeping right outside my window. —Beth Patten, Minneapolis, Minn.

Sounding Off: That Old Familiar Feeling

Readers could relate to Peter Jon Lindberg’s “Summerland” [August], which describes his joy in returning to the same spot year after year—in his case, Pine Point, Maine.

The award for the most repeat vacations goes to... One reader has been traveling with her family to Sandbridge, Virginia, for 48 years. Another (on her 38th consecutive trip) shared Lindberg’s love of Maine. “I guess most temporary ‘Mainers’ have the same feeling all year long—I’m already looking forward to next summer’s holiday with our children and grandchildren.”

So what’s the appeal of repeat trips? One West Coast transplant said it best: “I’m reminded of Cape May, New Jersey, where I used to visit so long ago. Even at Hermosa and Manhattan beaches here in California, I still find myself looking for that quiet familiarity.”