Sensational India

Andrea Fazzari’s photographs of India [March] transported me to Hyderabad the moment I turned to the opening page. I love the colors of the city and the minarets at the Charminar. With each successive page, I seemed to inhale cardamom and spicy chiles; I heard the sounds of tuk-tuks in the busy streets; and I was overwhelmed by the enchanting buzz of the city. These were photographs for all five senses. —Margaret Dylan, Las Vegas, Nev.

Ghosts of Dublin

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed “Surprising Dublin” [February], but we were wondering why you did not include a visit to Kilmainham Gaol, west of the city center. We were brought to tears when we saw the prison cells where the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising were held prior to their executions, and read the heart-wrenching letters they wrote just hours before their deaths at the hands of a firing squad. This is a must-see for all visitors to Dublin. —Kim and Denis Heimerich, Albuquerque, N.M.

Editor’s Note: We agree Kilmainham Gaol is worth a visit, and have covered it in previous stories on Dublin. For a guide to the city, visit

Café Culture Watch

After reading “Saving the Vienna Coffee Houses,” I agree that the closing of Café Servus is a great loss. But there is good news: Café Schopenhauer, another coffeehouse, was renovated and reopened last year as Schopenhauer 3.0 by a new, young team. The traditional style has not been abandoned but updated—it has the feeling of a classic Kaffeehaus of the 21st century. — member skydings

Sin City Salute

“Your Big Fat Las Vegas Food Adventure” [February] was fantastic. Never before have I had to pause while reading to sprint to the refrigerator out of necessity. Peter Jon Lindberg succeeded in making me feel as if I had been with him through 47 Las Vegas restaurants in 79 hours. From delicatessens to pizzerias to burger joints, his larger-than-life writing style made a ravenous reader out of me. —Elizabeth Nash, Boston, Mass.

A Fine Farewell

I was struck by “History of the Stewardess” [February]. I grew up in the age of the propeller aircraft, and well remember the watershed moment of change that came for me on a United Airlines flight between Washington, D.C., and Chicago in the 1960’s. The pretty “stewardess” served her section and started to work the cabin, chatting with the passengers. She remarked, “With the jets arriving rapidly, it just won’t be the same,” and indeed it wasn’t. —Gene Lassers, Lakewood, Calif.

Hot Topic: Your Morning Wake-Up

Readers of’s “America’s Best Coffee Cities” (Online, March) made one thing clear: where good java is concerned, strong opinions are brewing.

Georgia on My Mind

Savannah made the list but not Atlanta? I can’t name two decent shops in Savannah. Atlanta has more than 10! — member jdominy

“Disloyalty” Perks

Seattle still ranks number one. Now the city even offers “disloyalty” punch cards distributed by local shops. Once you’ve checked out all the shops listed on the card you get a free cup of coffee at the shop of your choice. —Lusso Bags, via Facebook

Windy City Roasters

Chicago is the home of Intelligentsia, Metropolis, and a dozen other coffee roasters and you only mention Starbucks? — member Jessmean

Reader’s Find: Innsbruck High Point

My husband and I travel around the world on business and have had many fine meals all over Europe. Our favorite restaurant is Wirtshaus Schöneck, in Innsbruck, Austria (6 Weiherburggasse; 43-512/272-728; $115 per person for five courses), a small, elegant place nestled in the heart of the Alps. Alfred Miller, the owner, makes sure your dining experience is one of a kind, and dishes such as elk and their famous Wiener schnitzel are presented in a beautiful and mouthwatering way alongside fresh, local vegetables. To top it off, the intimate dining room offers magnificent views of the Alps and the green river below. —Wendy and Fran Powell, Cheshire, Conn.

T+L Asks: What’s the One Thing You Always Take with You on a Trip?

These are just a few of the responses posted on our Facebook wall ( and tweeted to us (@TravlandLeisure). To see more, “like” Travel + Leisure on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

I make sure that I have my travel journal with me. I usually leave a blank page after each entry so I can paste in a picture when I get home. —Cassie Mcmillion, Naples, Fla.

Don’t leave home without Ziploc bags! I have a little obsession with these plastic lifesavers. There’s really no better invention. —Tracy Jackson Chaney, Los Angeles, Calif.

My iPhone with all my travel apps and its handy GPS. I’d be lost without it. —Denise Lao, Stamford, Conn.

A little yellow duck named Humphrey. I’ve been traveling with him since 1997. —Katy Keene Metell, Philadelphia, Pa.

That’s easy—your magazine. —Lacey Boyer

An extension cord. On my last trip I met a guy who goes one step further and takes a power strip! —Suellen Yewdell, New York, N.Y.

Noise-reduction earphones, granola bars and trail mix, magazines (it’s the only time I have to read them), an eye mask, comfy socks, a neck pillow, and a $5 street pashmina that doubles as my blanket. —Nichole Dibenedetto

My wife. —Jaamal Al Bitar

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