I visited Sikkim, India, last September, and immediately fell under its spell. When I returned home I bought Kiran Desai’s book The Inheritance of Loss, which takes place in that fascinating area, and I couldn’t put it down. It was a nice surprise to find her piece on Sikkim in T+L [“Dragon Season,” March]. Her descriptions of the region and its neighbors are succinct, honest, and clear. Frequent travelers search for writers this polished and enticing, but we rarely find them.—nicole fandel, acton, mass.

Plane and Simple

In this day and age, when we all expect flight delays, small pretzel bags, and overcrowded airplanes, it was refreshing to read about Brian Finke’s book Flight Attendants [“Service with a Smile,” March]. After flipping through the hardback, I was reminded of something that makes travel more pleasant for everyone: being polite. Ticketing agents and flight attendants experience disparaging remarks on a daily basis, but they work hard and deserve our courtesy.—robert henry walz, vancouver, wash.

Dream Jeans

In response to your article “True Blue” [March], I wanted to tell you: I have been buying Levi’s 501’s for more than 25 years. Nothing is more comfortable when you’re on the road. I first discovered the brand on a driving trip from Saskatchewan to Montana. I bought two pairs in a department store in the small town of Plentywood, Montana, and have made them a habit ever since.—murray gross, saskatoon, sask.

Affordable Swiss Alps

Thank you for “Gstaad Made Easy” [February]. Clark Mitchell’s humorous, informal account of the scenery, the food, and the slopes made the old-world destination more approachable. I haven’t skied in years, but I am going to give it another try. As long as I can finish the day with that Gruyère fondue.—glenna wright, carmel, calif.

Franco Files

Having been to Bordeaux many times, I found Alexandra Marshall’s article [“Nouveau Bordeaux,” March] engrossing and informative. She certainly knows the region well, and conveys her joie de vivre to the reader. Félicitations, Alexandra, et bon appétit!—dr. mel b. yoken, new bedford, mass.

I never miss the chance to buy Travel + Leisure when Frédéric Lagrange has shot a story. In “Nouveau Bordeaux,” his images give depth and eagerness to the narrative. He creates poetry through his pictures.—franck forbes, new york, n.y.

Reader’s Find: Panama

I have family in Panama and visit them often. On my latest trip, my sisters and I rented a car and drove two hours outside of Panama City to El Valle, a breathtaking town located in a dormant volcanic crater. It was charming, and the weather was much cooler than on the coast. We stayed at the Canopy Lodge. The rooms were homey and comfortable, and every morning the staff brought freshly baked pastries and fruit to our veranda. Best of all, the bird-watching—the area’s signature attraction—was incredible.—elena knappen, boston, mass.