Before reading ’High-Voltage Brazil’ [April], it would never have crossed my mind to make a journey to São Paulo; I’d only heard the South American city described as an industrial and commercial center with nothing to offer tourists. Andrea Fazzari’s stunning photography immediately altered my perception. Her tantalizing images showcase a fashionable city with extraordinary vibrancy. —Cynthia Ruffino, Washington, D.C.

Rediscovering India

Christopher Petkanas’s article on Mahua Kothi ["Indian Safari," March] had me nodding in agreement—he is absolutely accurate about the food, the people, and the experience there. Harpreet Singh Gill, the general manager, was a gracious and interesting host when I visited, and Pradip Mahuto (our naturalist) had dinner with us every night—at three different places on the property. In addition, the hotel has made improvements since the article was published—freezing guest rooms are now warm, thanks to bedside heaters and cozy electric blankets. —Melinda Manchester, Camarillo, Calif.

Living in East Africa

I lived at the Hotel Polana in Maputo [Detour, March] in 1979, after Mozambique won its independence. At the time, I was 11 and my brother 12; we ate cucumber sandwiches, swam, and sat by the pool during lunches of African barbecue. Apparently, the rooms and exterior of the hotel have changed dramatically, but my favorite scent remains that of the frangipani trees, which grew at the hotel’s entrance. —Deirdre Blankenberger, Springfield, Ill.

Hotel Access for All

As a disabled person who travels both domestically and internationally, I find information about wheelchair accessibility extremely useful and often difficult to come by. I encourage Travel + Leisure to use accessibility as a criterion when rating a destination—it will help provide useful information to readers and may also encourage hotels, restaurants, and cruise lines to make their products usable to more people. —Karen Babcock, Bellevue, Wash.

Editor’s Note Unlike the U.S., other countries do not have regulated disability standards for hotels. Check with the property in advance to make sure it can accommodate your individual needs. Thank you for bringing attention to this important topic.

Quiet Caribbean

I disagree with Sarah Duxbury ["St. Kitts: Paradise Found," February] when she says St. Kitts is "the island that tourism forgot." A thriving travel industry already exists there. The renovations and openings that Duxbury describes are not the first on the island, but it is true that they provide an even richer experience for travelers lucky enough to visit. —Natasha Smithen, via e-mail

Reader’s Find: Canada

I love Nova Scotia in the summertime, when the weather in Canada is just beautiful. For those headed north, try the Trout Point Lodge (189 Trout Point Rd., East Kemptville; 902/482-8360; doubles from $178). I’ve stayed there a few times, and the natural setting removes me from my everyday concerns. Isn’t this alone a reason to vacation?I love their French food and all of the activities: swimming in the Tusket River, kayaking, and whale watching in the northern Atlantic. —John Willmore, via e-mail

Trout Point Lodge