February 2000

Two Men and a Crib

Give me a break, Dan Savage -- from your savage and irresponsible attempts at humor. My husband and I have been on one of the RSVP Productions cruises you ridicule in your account of traveling as part of a gay couple with a child, "Playing It Straight" [December]. While you describe "packs of gay men, most in Speedos, many of them drunk," we met interesting travelers -- of both sexes -- from all over the country. Why resort to myths and stereotypes that slander those who enjoy traveling with other gay men and women?

Bob Witeck

Washington, D.C.

I guffawed when I read Dan Savage's article. My partner and I went to Georgia with our adopted toddler, Max, and he suddenly became ill. In the hospital, we shared a bed next to Max's crib. The first night, when a nurse came in, we jumped up like John Candy and Steve Martin. To their credit, the staff made it a positive experience.

Nathan M. Merrells

Fairfax, Va.

New York Style, for a Steal

I loved your issue devoted to style [October]. Let's have more tips from fashionistas about their favorite haunts, hotels, and stores. My greatest thanks go to Elizabeth Garnsey for her article on sample sales ["Attention, Bargain Shoppers"]. That alone was worth the price of my subscription.

Elaine Benvenuto

New York, N.Y.

Death Valley Meltdown

Geoff Dyer's road trip through Death Valley ["Hot and Bothered," December] reminded me of my own journey. Like Dyer, I succumbed to the heat, as did both of my car's front tires -- the steel belt melted the rubber! By the time I reached Panamint Springs, the thermometer in my car read 130 degrees.

Lawrence Stelter

Brooklyn, N.Y.


A comment made by Gini Alhadeff in her article about St. Petersburg ["The Lion in Winter," November] struck us as tasteless. She wrote that Valentina Tereshkova was "the first woman in space, though not the first female, as a number of dogs had preceded her." Perhaps she was trying to be funny, but that's not how it came across.

Javier Regueiro and Jeff Rose

San Francisco, Calif.

Reader's Find: Key West

My wife and I discovered the small Gardens Hotel [526 Angela St.; 800/526-2664 or 305/294-2661; doubles from $295] in Key West two years ago while strolling through the old part of town. The staff gave us such a warm welcome, we felt as if we were entering someone's home. Since then, if we can't stay there, we don't go to Key West. The rooms are filled with antiques and original artwork, and we love to relax in the wicker chairs just outside our door, enjoying the tropical breezes. Since the staff never changes, it's like staying with old friends.

Walter Brooksbank

Memphis, Tenn.

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