June 1999

Reader's Find
In Paris last summer I discovered an incredible bed-and-breakfast occupying a private barge on the Seine, docked near Notre Dame. The two Americans who own La Vie en Rose [888/866-4730 or 33-1/43-54-03-46, fax 33-1/43-29-79-15; www.la-vie-en-rose.com; $1,800, double, for three days] have created an oasis of indulgences. Since there's just one suite of rooms on board, the sense of privacy is absolute. Sitting on deck, raising our champagne glasses to passers-by, my partner and I felt like royalty. There's a mini-bar with endless drinks at no extra charge, and the breakfasts and snacks are top-quality. And yes, among the generous amenities are two CD's featuring great renditions of "La Vie en Rose."
Scott Stevens
Pasadena, Calif.

London Shop Talk
I loved Laura Begley's "London: Cheaper and Chicer" [February]. I took it with me to London a few weeks after it appeared, and found it to be a bible for the hip shopper. I can't tell you how happy I am to see T&L dusting off its copy for younger readers. So much travel writing these days is geared to baby boomers, but they aren't the only ones with expendable income and good taste.
Amber Eden
Des Moines, Iowa

Romania's Rebound
In her article "Delta Blues" [March], Nina Darnton writes about the "shabby, utilitarian housing blocks" on the outskirts of Tulcea, Romania. She might also have mentioned that, just as the Danube delta is slowly making a comeback after decades of environmental abuse, Romania itself is in the process of healing the wounds it suffered during 43 years of Communist rule.
Lydia Moldovanu
Hollywood, Fla.

The Key to Kyoto
Thanks to Gini Alhadeff and T&L for "Zenchantment" [March]. The story, along with Victoria Pearson's wonderful photos, really homed in on the heart of Kyoto. I lived in Japan for four years, but it wasn't until I returned on a tour run by Esprit Travel of Santa Monica that I fully experienced that city's essence. I visited gardens and temples, listened to chanting monks, and heard lectures on Japanese history, culture, and religion. I found a peace in Kyoto that enriched my life. Now I'm leading tours there myself for Esprit!
Anne Geismann
San Francisco, Calif.

Relative New York
I've been a fan of Kevin Sessums's writing for some time, and I enjoyed his essay for T&L, "Uncle Mame" [March]. What a gas for his brother's family to get a tour of New York from someone who loves them and the city so much. Kevin, are you going to show them London next?Can I come, too?
Cynthia Dyste
Minneapolis, Minn.

Haute Texas
The French Room ["America's Top 50 Restaurants," April] is probably the most expensive restaurant in Dallas; the suggestion that dinner for two can be had there for as little as $45 is misleading. A more accurate figure would be $100.
Jim Joiner
Dallas, Tex.

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