M.G. Lord could not have captured the true Los Angeles more perfectly [“The Real Los Angeles”]. It is such a multidimensional city, which goes way beyond celebrity sightings and Rodeo Drive. I’ve lived in the area my whole life, and the place never ceases to inspire me with its unique arts and cultural offerings, not to mention its one-of-a-kind restaurants and shops. Anyone who spends some time exploring here would agree. —Joanna Dubin, Calabasas, Calif.

Montauk Meditation

As a resident of Montauk, I was pleased to see Laura Begley’s local picks in your September issue. She missed a gem, however: Inlet Seafood (dinner for two $60). It’s owned by six native fishermen who unload their daily catch less than 150 feet away from the restaurant. For fish any fresher—in tacos, sushi, and more—you’d have to catch it yourself. —Bonnie Brady, Montauk, N.Y.

Cotswolds Cool

I was intrigued by Alexandra Marshall’s “Discovering England’s Cotswolds.” I never imagined there could be so many fashionable hotels, restaurants, and shops in the English countryside. It sounds like London—only with more fresh air and rolling hills. That’s the kind of place I’d like to write home about. —Kate Lipke, Bellingham, Mass.

Dubious About Dubai

I read Karrie Jacobs’s “Dubai’s Buildings of the Future” with interest. Like Jacobs, I am amazed by the audacity of Dubai’s architectural undertakings. It’s as if there were an endless flow of money, and developers were having trouble figuring out how to spend it. I was left wondering if any of them stopped to consider that sea levels are rising due to global warming, among other factors. In the next 50 to 100 years, their man-made islands might be underwater. —Forrest C. Gilmore, Mccormick, S.C.

America’s Next Favorite City?

I love your annual “America’s Favorite Cities” poll. It’s extremely useful and seems quite accurate. But how can you guys completely ignore Charlotte and Salt Lake City?—Francisco Contreras, Miami, Fla.

Editor’s Note

We had an overwhelming number of responses to our 2008 “America’s Favorite Cities” survey. The list of cities this year reflected favorite urban destinations among Travel + Leisure readers. To add your favorite city, e-mail us at Thank you to all who wrote in, and be sure to cast your vote in 2009!

Reader’s Find: Turkey

During our annual trip to Turkey, my husband and I, along with our two teenage daughters, discovered an extraordinary new hotel called Güllü Konak (doubles from $183, including breakfast), in Izmir province near the Aegean coast. Sisters Oya and Mine Narin opened the property—a complex of three stone mansions surrounded by the vineyards of Sirince village—in August, and make lavender-scented soap for the six antiques-filled rooms. The highlight of our stay was the food: using local produce, chef Ayhan Özdoğan beautifully prepares traditional dishes with a twist; I loved the rosewater-flavored baklava served with crushed rose petals. And before dinner, we tasted regional wines and cheeses on the terrace while enjoying an idyllic view of rolling hills and olive groves. —Sharon Charles Haznedar, Scarsdale, N.Y.