When I opened your 35th-anniversary issue and turned to the T+L covers from years past [September], I was stunned to see your very first cover, from 1971. The photograph features my friend Sandra Anthony—in a bikini and pareu she borrowed from me on the day of the shoot! At the time, my husband and I were stationed in Honolulu; unfortunately, we have since lost touch with our old friends, and seeing that picture brought me right back to our carefree days in Hawaii. As T+L concludes this anniversary year, I want to thank the editors for a flash from the past. —INGRID BOON, VENICE, CALIF.

Franco File

Before leaving for a trip to France, I read Tina Isaac’s piece on the Pastis Hôtel–St. Tropez [Reports, October]. Surprisingly, I was able to book a two-day stay on short notice. What a wonderful experience! The hotel’s custom-made and vintage furniture adds an unexpected touch, and the owners are as welcoming as old friends.


Sky-High Perks

I am a frequent coach traveler on Singapore Airlines, and the only perk I ever receive is a pair of socks, so I was struck by your description of first-class amenity kits [Strategies, October]. I would have liked to have seen the price of the first-class flight printed alongside the value of the products; I’m not sure an $85 goody bag is worth a $10,000 ticket from San Francisco to Hong Kong.


Taste for the Exotic

On my way back from Easter Island, I purchased the September issue and was delighted by Adam Goodheart’s article ["Fall Under the Spell of Easter Island," September]. He captured the exotic, dreamlike quality of the island, which kept us spellbound for five days. We were lucky enough to have Josefina Nahoe Mulloy—the granddaughter of archaeologist William Mulloy—as our guide. She has a wealth of knowledge and brought the moai statues and Birdman Cult vividly alive for us.


A Matter of Privacy

It’s refreshing to learn that stays on private islands can be affordable. I am particularly amazed that it is possible to rent a three-acre island in Bora-Bora for as little as $4,026 a week ["Rent Your Own Island," September], and that people apparently prefer to travel surrounded by fewer companions. Stressed professionals want to be rewarded for their intense efforts with trips to quiet, self-reflective environments. Although I enjoy the pampering at plush resorts, I would also love to explore these Bond-villain lairs with attainable prices, rugged beauty, and privacy. Thanks for providing me with vacation dreams on the long flight home.


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