July 2000

Paris Cinema
Only David Sedaris, one of today's funniest writers, would choose to spend his Paris days in a dark movie theater ["The City of Light in the Dark," May]. He is undoubtedly a living movie himself. In his essay he tells us how art imitates life. He might as well watch his favorite movies at home and pretend to be in the streets of Paris -- but then life would be imitating art.
Richard Garcia Jr.
San Antonio, Tex.

Currency Exchange
Thank you for Jeff Garigliano's timely and informative article on exchanging dollars ["(Not So) Easy Money," May]. While his suggestion that travelers use leftover cash to settle a portion of their hotel bill is a good one, on a recent trip to Israel I was informed that payment in Israeli currency carries a 17 percent tax; using an American credit card does not. Check with your hotel before settling the bill.
Allen Kwawer
Via e-mail

Jeff Garigliano must be kidding. After being on a plane for 10 hours and arriving without a dollar of foreign money, he expects me to look for an ATM, and then hope it's working. I think it's worth spending the extra money to purchase foreign currency before I depart.
Suzan Appel
Los Angeles, Calif.

The Next Italian Table
We are frequent travelers to Italy who just returned from a month in Liguria and Tuscany. Anya von Bremzen's article "Italy's New Wave" [January] prompted us to reserve a table at Paolo e Barbara in San Remo. The troffie were divine, as was the evening guided by the affable hostess, Barbara Masieri.
Christa and Henry Jones
Indianapolis, Ind.

California's Freshest
Christopher Petkanas's tour of northern California's food producers ["My, How They've Grown," April] was a treat. Since I grew up in Sonoma County and now reside in Napa, it was wonderful to reminisce. As for the Napa-Sonoma rivalry, Napa will always be more sophisticated, but Sonoma will always be home.
Megan Clouse
Napa, Calif.

Reader's Find: Ontario
Last year we discovered an elegant inn three hours east of Toronto in the village of Delta. Located in a recently rebuilt 19th-century stone house, the Denaut Mansion Country Inn [5 Mathew St.; 877/788-0388 or 613/928-2588, www.denautmansion.com; doubles from $80] is beautifully decorated (not a speck of chintz) and serves excellent food: sea bass fillet à la provençale. And the favorable exchange rate makes it a great value.
Andy Ferguson and Tanya Shadoan
Via e-mail

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