January 2000

Hey, Mr. Tally Man
Thank you for "The Day-O Clinic" [September], David Knowles's story about learning to dance calypso in Trinidad. I'm an amateur competitive dancer, and when I travel on business I always look for studios or other places to dance. It took courage for Knowles and his wife to try something new; I can well imagine their smiles when the young Trinidadian in the Chicago Bulls cap expressed his approval of their moves.
Carl Shackford
Kirkwood, Mo.

Florence's Ultimate Hotel
I was delighted by your cover photograph of the Hotel Villa San Michele in Fiesole["The Ferragamos' Florence," October]. As a guest at this enchanting retreat, my holidays have always been experiences in the superlative. Bravo to the talented staff: Maurizio, Franco, Vittorio, Roberto, Santo, et al.
Angela Hunt
Saddle River, N.J.

Southern Africa with Style
In "Namibia" [October], David Herndon describes his trip with Bertus and Helga Schoeman's Skeleton Coast Safaris as "one of Africa's greatest excursions." The highlight of my recent vacation to that country was the time I spent with the Schoemans. During our flight over the Namib Desert, they landed the plane so I could get a closer look at its garnet-colored sand. After I mentioned my love for asparagus once, it was on the menu every day. Land Rover should use those two in a commercial.
Kathleen Otto
Philadelphia, Pa.

Dyer's Didactics
In his article about the Bahamas ["The Sundowners," October], Geoff Dyer writes: "Generally, I detest Christianity with the vehemence of a Bolshevik." I find that a strange and extremely offensive sentiment to express in a travel magazine. Mr. Dyer is surely entitled to his opinion, but he should not hurl this invective unless he is writing on the relative merits of atheism versus Christianity.
Thomas T. Rhodes
Vero Beach, Fla.

High-Flying Fashions
Ann Hood's piece chronicling her career as a flight attendant [November] was splendid. It brought to mind what I believe was a Look magazine article from the 1950's showing the variety of uniforms at two dozen airlines. I distinctly remember one flight attendant dressed like a cowgirl!
Marvin Doudna
Palm Beach, Fla.

Reader's Find: Italy
Last winter, my husband and I stayed at a remote hideaway in the hills of Umbria, Palazzo Terranova (Loc. Ronti, Morra, Perugia; 39-075/857-0083; doubles from $340). Clinging to a bluff at the top of a steep, unpaved road, this golden-hued palazzo is perfect for anyone who's already traveled extensively in Italy and is now content to visit small villages, stroll through terraced gardens, relax, paint, and eat. We were charmed by our host, Sarah Townsend, who has spent years restoring the building. The decoration in each of the eight suites is inspired by a famous opera. Our room, La Bohème, had a terra-cotta floor, a hand-carved fireplace, and great views. We're looking forward to future visits to sample the others.
Carol Cotton
New York, N.Y.

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