Credit: Martha Camarillo

Swedish Retreat

Having recently returned from Stockholm, I was delighted to see Hotel Skeppsholmen mentioned in Heather Smith MacIsaac’s “Sweden’s New Eco-Friendly Hotels” [June]. Finding respite from the city’s busy streets can be a surprising challenge, but Skeppsholmen Island provides a worthwhile nature walk and, as I learned from this story, also a stunning place to stay. I admire the tastefully spare Scandinavian aesthetic, but I went weak at the knees for the rare views of Gamla Stan’s skyline that Skeppsholmen affords. —Lindsey Olander, Cheshire, Conn.

Welcome to Sarajevo

“A War Reporter’s Most Memorable Hotels” [June] reminded me of a lunch I ate at the infamous Holiday Inn Sarajevo in 2004. I knew the hotel first and foremost from the 1984 Winter Olympics and, later, as the backdrop for news broadcasts from the war in the 1990’s. You could still see where the nearby sidewalks had been patched after the shelling, and the concrete was different colors in spots, indicating that a person had been killed there. It was a haunting reminder of a war that was still very present in everyone’s lives. — Member willsmiley

Charleston Revisited

What a pleasure it was, while flipping through Matt Lee and Ted Lee’s “Charleston’s Southern Hospitality” [May], to come across a face I recognized: my classmate and fifth-grade dance partner, Billy Jones Jr. I have not seen Billy since our high school graduation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, in 1971, but the next time I am in Charleston, I will have to stop by and see him at Alluette’s Café. —Mary Brown Silver Spring, MD.

L.A. in Black and White

Robert Whitman’s photos in “Nighttime at Los Angeles’s Top Hotels” [June] were stunning. The black-and-white photography was both unexpected and eye-catching, especially in contrast to the color images in the rest of the magazine. I’ve not yet been to the Los Angeles hotels captured in the story, so to get a glimpse of what happens after dark was especially intriguing. —Tonya Monnot, Chicago, Ill.

Coming Soon: Real-Time Travel Advice from T+L

Looking for on-the-ground travel tips in New York City? T+L reporters will take to the streets of Manhattan this summer in search of the next great places. Give your recommendations or hear theirs on, at, Twitter, or via Carry On, the T+L blog. Read “On the Ground: New York City” in October for all our finds.

Hot Topic: Where’s the Beef?

“America’s Best Burger Cities” (online, May) highlighted the country’s favorite guilty pleasure—and inspired some meaty responses from our readers.

Seeing Red

Since we are the most obese nation in the world, the last thing we need to read about is where we can consume more red meat. — member Frenchie

The Middle Man

I do believe in food in moderation, but when you want to indulge in a nice, juicy hamburger, make the trip to Bartley’s Burger Cottage, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. — member pbs425

Weighing In

Where is Cleveland on this list?! We didn’t get this fat by eating celery. — member ClevelandRocks