Credit: Alex Farnum

Santa Fe, Straight Up

Those of us who live in New Mexico, if we are honest, know that Gary Shteyngart’s article “Pure Santa Fe” [January] is a love story about the quirkier side of Santa Fe and is spot on. It’s called the City Different for a reason. — member RavenNM

“Pure Santa Fe” was a lovingly entertaining article that did justice to another traveler’s point of view. I enjoyed Mr. Shteyngart’s creative perspective on our small town, its odd ways, and the timeless characters and places that fill it. — member areyoukiddingme

Passage to India

“To India, with Love” [December] was wonderful in describing a society where the old and the new are juxtaposed amid vibrant art and architecture. Keep up the good work. —Jeff Olen, Butler, Pa.

Hotel Confidential

The practices outlined in “Project You” [February] may be creepy and intrusive, but the reality is, if I found a photo of my husky in my hotel room with a note saying “Monty misses you,” it’s hard to believe I wouldn’t be touched. In an era where corporations are constantly being trashed for making everyone an anonymous statistic, we should probably not object when some do try to get to know us. — member MurrayLundberg

Reader’s Find: All That Glitters

About a five-hour drive from Vancouver, Sparkling Hill Resort ($$$) was opened by the former head of Swarovski in Vernon, British Columbia. It is not to be missed. Rooms are five-star, with crystal glass fireplaces and floor-to-ceiling windows, some with views of Lake Okanagan and the Monashee Mountains. From the private helipad to the 40,000-square-foot spa, this hotel is truly unique. —Robert VandeGuchte, Lincoln, Nebr.

World’s Best Awards 2012 Dream Trip Winner

France Regalado of Los Angeles won first prize in the T+L 2012 World’s Best Awards Sweepstakes. Her dream trip: flying business class on Philippine Airlines to visit her family in the province of Bulacan, arranged by T+L A-List agent Amy Glass of ProTravel. “The 14-plus-hour flight each way was like a mini vacation in itself,” Regalado says. “The service was excellent and the food superb. I chose to sit in the upper deck along with twenty or so fellow passengers, so it felt like flying in a private plane!”

Sounding Off: Paradise Found

What makes a beach one of a kind—turquoise waters, soft sands, or gorgeous locals? In’s “Best Beaches on Earth” slideshow [January], users were quick to respond to the results of our recent survey. Did we get it right?

One applauded the inclusion of four Virgin Islands beaches, while another disagreed with the rankings: “I can’t understand how Playa Kalki, in Curaçao, was rated so highly. The only good feature is its birds.” The omission of La Digue, in the Seychelles, was also criticized; one user suggested it should have nabbed a top spot. Other favorites included sandy shores such as West Bay Beach, in Honduras, and Varadero Beach, on Cuba’s northern coast—these recommendations remind us that, no matter the location, any beach can be the perfect escape.