Based on the insider information in the T+L 500 [January], my wife and I booked a three-night stay at the Sanderling Resort & Spa on North Carolina's Outer Banks, just an hour and a half from our house.

We followed your suggestion for the best rooms—on the third floor of South Inn—and were thrilled to discover spectacular ocean views. But our delight didn't stop there. From the welcoming bottle of wine to the daily delivery of freshly squeezed orange juice and homemade muffins to the friendly service at the resort's Left Bank restaurant, we were treated like royalty. Thanks for this wonderful selection.

Skin Deep
While reading "Palm Springs Eternal" by David A. Keeps [February], I got a queasy feeling. He attributes the city's more liberal and youthful complexion to its emergence "out from under the weight of Republican mores imposed by the late Sonny Bono" and criticizes the mayor's ban on wearing thongs in public. I believe it's not just Republicans of weighty mores who find naked derrieres unappealing. Since when are modesty and decency solely Republican characteristics?Oh wait, I remember who occupied the White House from 1993 to 2001.

DAVID A. KEEPS RESPONDS I in no way meant to offend anyone in my characterization of Palm Springs under Republican mayor Sonny Bono, a description gleaned from talking to many residents and business owners. Travel is a nonpartisan experience, and Palm Springs remains a dignified and glamorous place that I encourage you to visit.

True North
I felt complete disbelief when I read about T-Shirt King's Going Canadian package [Reports, February]. I've run across many Americans throughout my travels who try to pass for Canadians, and I have blown their cover every time. It takes more than a $25 flag-embossed T-shirt, a couple of pins, and a sticker or two to be Canadian. And hoot is the sound an owl makes—it's not how we say out.

Confessions of a Super Agent
As a result of my inclusion in the Travel + Leisure 2004 A-List of top travel agents [September], I have received dozens of inquiries and have signed several new clients, with more bookings in progress. Thank you for allowing me the honor of being included in your publication.

Last winter, my husband and I discovered an affordable and stylish short-term apartment property in the Vinohrady district called Residence Belgická [12 Belgická; 42-02/2140-1800;; from $116 a week]. Behind the 18th-century facade are 30 modern apartments with spacious, airy rooms, light oak floors, and contemporary touches (Technicolor kitchen cabinets, a stepped waterfall in the foyer). On the southeast side of the city, Belgická is a pleasant 10-minute walk down tree-lined, cobblestoned streets from Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge. Each day, after wandering the medieval city, we were elated to be able to retreat to this chic home away from home.

CORRECTION A price was misstated in "Palm Springs Eternal" (February). At Show (, houses rent for $350 a night.

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