The First-ever Lego Con Is Happening This Month — Here's How You Can Attend

Get ready to build something new.

For nearly 100 years LEGO has brought children and adults everywhere pure playful joy with its tiny sets that let peoples' imaginations run wild. And now, the company is inviting fans the world over to come and celebrate the LEGO universe together.

"Want to get closer to the LEGO world? We're excited to let you in," LEGO shared in an announcement. "That's why we're hosting our first-ever LEGO CON, the online experience for LEGO fans everywhere!"

On June 26 at 12 p.m. ET and 9 a.m. PT, LEGO will live-steam a 90-minute experience from its headquarters in Billund, Denmark. The livestream will include plenty of entertainment, along with a behind-the-scenes look at how the company continues to innovate on its offerings. The stream will also include a live build, special guests, Q&As with specialists like LEGO designer Lydia Winters, and even some world-first reveals. The event will also include a closer look at the Tectonic LEGO set and a look at the new Super Mario set so fans can see what's new and learn some insider tips and tricks.

Courtesy of LEGO

"It's something new. It's something fresh. And it's all online," LEGO says.

At the event, LEGO says fans will also get to vote on their favorite builds and share their own unique structures throughout the event. They'll also be able to connect with other fans who "share your passion for the brick."

The livestream will take place on the LEGO website and is completely free to join. Those interested can sign up to the company's family newsletter and get more information on LEGO CON there. The newsletter will also send free play ideas, building instructions, and more expert tips on "learning through play" so you can celebrate LEGO any day you wish. Check out the company's website for more on what to expect from the event.

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