My favorite new online travel tool is called “Can I Bring It Back?,” developed by the UK government to inform British citizens what to leave behind when returning from their foreign travels. A recent survey of English travelers found that more than half of the respondents wanted more information on what was OK to bring home and what might be confiscated at customs.

What’s that? You don’t think you need a tool to figure out what is valid and what is verboten? OK, smarty-pants, have a look at the list below and tell me which items are allowed and which ones aren’t. Then go to “Don’t Bring Me Back” to find out more. (Answers below. No cheating!)

Australia: A) Chiko Roll B) Damper bread

Canada: C) Caribou meat D) Maple syrup

Egypt: E) Labneh yoghurt F) Falafel

Jamaica: G) Mangoes H) Tinned cheese

South Africa: I) Malva pudding J) Biltong

Thailand: K) Durian fruit L) Kaffir lime leaves

Turkey: M) Sucuk N) Turkish delight

Permitted items: B, D, F, G, I, K, N
Forbidden items: A, C, E, H, J, L, M

P.S. A chiko roll is a sort of egg roll with mutton, veggies, and spices. Malva pudding is a sweet pudding made of apricot jam. Biltong is similar to beef jerky. Sucuk is a spicy beef sausage (sometimes made of horse meat in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). Is it just me or is anyone else feeling peckish?

Mark Orwoll is the international editor at Travel + Leisure.