By Alexandra Marshall
April 28, 2014

Given the rate of their output, if Le Fooding, the indispensable French restaurant guide, has been taking long French-style vacations, well, they’re obviously burning the midnight oil during the rest of the year. Since launching in 2000 as an insert, the annual publication has rolled out traveling food festivals and star chef pop-ups, which have steadily picked up steam, especially in the past three years.

In 2009 they published their first standalone edition, and in 2011 they launched an app, in French, like the rest of the guide.. At the end of 2013, Le Fooding started, bit by bit, to incorporate hotels into their coverage, tapping into the same indie-bohemian taste that has made their restaurant database such a hipster hit throughout France. Now with around 1,000 restaurant reviews, approximately 400 in Paris, and 2,000 hotels countrywide, Le Fooding may lack the breadth of, say, a Michelin Guide, but it more than makes up for it in curatorial point of view: local, sustainable, adventurous, creative and properly-priced continue to get pride of place.

Finally the fruits of all that labor are coming to the Anglophone world, in the form of a brand new app, 2014 Le Fooding Restaurant and Stylish Bedrooms Guide, that for the first time translates the entire catalogue into English. For anyone that likes to eat or sleep and is headed to France, we don’t say it lightly: at $5.99, this is a required download.

Alexandra Marshall is T+L's Paris-based correspondent.