By Amy Farley
November 26, 2012

Q: Any advice on how to spend my daylong layover in Rome? I’ve done the classics. —Ania Byczkowska, Chicago, Ill.

A: Sure—here’s a tour of some of our favorite hidden gems around the city.

9 a.m.: The Outdoor Print Market, on Largo Fontanella Borghese, peddles hard-to-find art books and vintage prints. Finish your shopping with a coffee at nearby Ciampini (29 Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina).

2 p.m.: Head to the unsung Palazzo Nuovo (part of the Capitoline Museums) on Piazza del Campidoglio, where hundreds of statues and busts are displayed in their original 17th-century home.

7 p.m.: Craft beer is having its moment in Rome, and Open Baladin (6 Via degli Specchi) has more than 40 domestic varieties on tap.

9 p.m.: Inside the historic Palazzo Cenci, Ae Pompiere (38 Via Santa Maria de’ Calderari; $$$) feels like a private club. A burnished wooden staircase leads to a suite of frescoed rooms where you can dine on carciofi alla giudea (fried artichokes) and the signature porchetta. Then swing by the new Eataly emporium (Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492)—open till midnight—to pick up Antonio Mattei biscotti for the plane.

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