There's a Lavender-filled Village in Turkey, and It's Just as Magical as You're Imagining

Take a seat, cherry blossoms.

Turkey Lavender Village
Located in Turkey's Isparta Province, Kuyucak is known for its rolling lavender fields. Photo: sevan usak/Getty Images

As cherry blossom season fades from memory and the bloom-inspired fervor dies down, a new floral phenomenon is coming to the fore: a village stuffed to the brim with lavender.

Though photos of the lavender fields look like a postcard from Provence, the fragrant village is actually located in Turkey’s Isparta Province. This hamlet is called Kuyucak, and it’s a hidden gem tucked away in the Turkish Lakes Region.

Turkey Lavender Village
Lavender souvenirs outside a shop in Kuyucak, Turkey. YONCA60/Getty Images

While throngs of tourists continue to flock to Cappadocia and Istanbul, Kuyucak has slowly begun attracting more visitors. The lush purple fields are a postcard-perfect backdrop, making it an ideal stop for Instagrammers. But the village still remains well off the beaten path for many first-time Turkey travelers, so you’ll be able to steer clear of the crowds.

Turkey Lavender Village
Not as well-known as Cappadocia or Istanbul, Kuyucak is off the beaten path for many first-time Turkey travelers. YONCA60/Getty Images

Kuyucak’s rolling hills of lavender are somewhat of a happy accident, according to T+L A-List advisor Engin Kadaster.

“The interesting thing about this village is that whole area is the center of our rose production,” Kadaster said. “One of the rose farmers brought some lavender stalks from France, like 20 of them. They started with very little. And then the villagers started to plant it... This is an extension of rose growth to lavender growth.”

“They produce [approximately] 90% of the lavender for Turkey, some of which is exported as lavender oil,” Kadaster added.

If you’re hoping to catch the plants in peak bloom, summer vacation may be your best bet.

Turkey Lavender Village
A peek at the village of Kuyucak over the lavender fields. YONCA60/Getty Images

“[The plants] start to bloom sometime in the end of May or the beginning of June, and the whole area smells of lavender in July,” Kadaster said.

Kuyucak is conveniently located in Turkey’s lake region, which is home to historic cities and breathtaking natural beauty. The village is just two hours drive from Lake Salda, which some describe as Turkey’s Maldives. It’s also two hours from Termessos, one of the best-preserved ancient cities in Turkey.

“This place is full of amazing natural wonders and historic wonders,” Kadaster said. “As well as all this beauty that comes with the production of this lavender and these roses. It's mind-boggling.”

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast landed on our list of the 50 best places to travel in 2019. Why not tack on a day trip to this lavender paradise? Take a look at these photos of Kuyucak — we have a feeling they’ll help convince you.

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