This Beautiful New 87-mile Bike Path Will Take You All the Way Around Italy's Largest Lake

Perfect for all skill levels and ages, the Garda by Bike trail is expected to be completed in 2021.

Couple taking a bike break by sunrise on Lake Garda in Italy
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Italy's largest lake is getting a makeover with the construction of a trail that will allow cyclists to bike around its entire perimeter. When complete, the approximately 87-mile bike path will stretch around all of Lake Garda in northern Italy, just outside of Verona.

Garda by Bike is a project two years in the making, with completion expected in 2021. Constructed from both existing tracks and newly built paths, the trail will take cycling enthusiasts from Lombardy through Trento and Veneto and back, Lonely Planet reports. The path will also connect to the continent-wide European cycle routes EuroVelo 7 and EuroVelo 8.

Though embarking on the full route may seem like a daunting task, the Garda by Bike trail is designed for bike riders of all skill levels and ages. The path is wide with no steep inclines and paved with wooden planks, so specialty bikes are not needed. According to Lonely Planet, a particularly picturesque section of the path is already open along the western shore of the lake, spanning a little over one mile from Capo Reamol.

And this trail isn't the only project that Italy has launched, encouraging people to spend time in the outdoors. In June, the country announced a new hiking trail called Sentiero dei Parchi that will connect all 25 of its national parks upon completion. The trail will encompass sections of the existing Sentiero Italia, which measures nearly 4,350 miles and passes through 18 of the 25 national parks.

The path is years away from being finished, but Sergio Costa, Italy's Minister of the Environment, described the project as an important sign of "how much we value our immense natural heritage and its valorisation when it comes to sustainable tourism, especially in this post-COVID moment when we all feel the need to be outside a bit more."

American tourists won't get to enjoy these new hiking and cycling paths anytime soon, since the country still remains off-limits to visitors from the U.S. For more details on where Americans can travel now, check our country-by-country guide.

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