By Evie Carrick
September 08, 2019
Mark Green/Alamy Stock Photo

No matter where in the world you find them, there’s something special about soaking in natural hot springs. And Chile’s Termas Geometricas takes the experience to the next level by creating an entire experience around the area’s natural thermal water. Here, travelers can soak the day away in pools that are connected by a labyrinth of red walkways that casually crisscross the river below.

With a location that’s surrounded by the lush forest of Villarrica Sur National Park, you may not leave for days.

Alamy Stock Photo
Alamy Stock Photo

Termas Geometricas’ geometric hot springs draw from more than 60 sources of thermal water that arrive at the Earth’s surface at a perfect, 80-degree temperature. The spa’s 20 thermal baths and Japanese-style walkways that connect them were designed by architect Germán del Sol and built using wood and natural resources.

The hot springs sit in a cozy canyon, where the water’s warm steam creates a misty and foggy atmosphere that only seems to coax visitors into a longer, more leisurely visit. And the on-site restaurant allows visitors to fuel up on pizza, soups, and sandwiches to extend their experience.

Termas Geometricas is found in central Chile near the town of Coñaripe. It’s around a five hour drive from the coastal city of Concepción.

The hot springs are open every day and prices start at around 20,000 Chilean Pesos ($28) for adults. Children under two are free and kids between three and 15 are 16,000 Chilean Pesos ($23). Reservations are recommended and can be made online up to 12 months in advance.