Rem Koolhaas created the just-opened Prada Los Angeles Epicenter to reflect what he calls "the unique condition of Los Angeles, a hybrid between the natural and artificial." The three-story aluminum-and-glass store, which has no sign and no display windows, featuresmannequins in underground cones that can be viewed through sidewalk portholes; a stainless-steel "time tunnel," showing classic Prada and Miu Miu looks; an oiled ipe-wood staircase; and a women's accessories department outfitted with pink fiberglass shelves. Perfectly in sync with this fall's Prada collection—wild fabrics and bags festooned with high-tech charms—the Epicenter in Beverly Hills fuses the understatement of a fashion atelier with the overactive imagination of a new-media art installation. 343 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills; 310/278-8661.
—David A. Keeps