From KL to Shanghai, Asia is teeming with new large-scale airports, business developments, and high-rise residential buildings—and now cities are springing up, too. The latest big venture to break ground, New Songdo (, lies 40 miles south of Seoul on a 1,500-acre stretch of landfill. Evincing a "if you build it, they will come" optimism, the developers, New York–based Gale International, plan to plagiarize from spots around the world: there will be a Central Park, a Grand Canal, even a Champs-Élysées. Indeed, there's little chance the $25 billion New Songdo, set to be completed in 2014, will be a paragon of original design—the mode here is garish, postmodern pastiche. Other elements include Savannah's "pocket parks" and Boston's Quincy Market. This so called global destination city (official language: English) will be the world's biggest private development project—or its biggest theme park, depending on your perspective.