A new hyper-timelapse video from Ukrainian photographer Kirill Neiezhmakov shows you how incredible Prague can be on foot.

The capital of the Czech Republic is steeped in history, from its ancient castles to its medieval astronomical clock that dominates the landscape.

Today, it’s nicknamed the “city of a thousand spires,” for its skyline dotted with countless views of domed churches and soaring ancient towers.

Besides its rich history, the city’s compact center makes it easy to explore on foot, with plenty of grandiose opera houses and Baroque architecture to see along the way.

“Each of Prague’s districts has its own characteristic atmosphere and unique charm,” Neiezhmakov wrote in the video’s description. “Prague presents itself to you as a changeable city, which likes to alternate styles; it is romantic and successful, ancient and modern, but above all, it is a city that is cosmopolitan through and through,” he added.

Take a look at his mesmerizing video to virtually walk through its cobbled streets and narrow alleyways and explore the city’s waterways, al-fresco establishments, and architectural gems.