Keep calm and carry on with these tips for packing a smarter suitcase from Olympus.

Technology has made it clear that good things do come in small packages and a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Applying this same spirit of efficiency to travel, these days, you can pack a ton into one checked bag, or even just a carry-on. Make the most of your time away with these clever tips for bringing everything you need—and leaving the heavy baggage home.

Look at your itinerary and decide what types of outfits you’ll need most, whether it’s mix of business and casual for a work trip, or casual and dressy for a vacation. Next choose a color scheme and plan your layers around it; for shoes and bags opt for neutral shades, like black or brown, which you can coordinate with a few looks.

For guys, stylish button-downs can be relaxed during the day or dressed up at night with a tie and blazer. Likewise, for women, midi dresses can be worn with flats or sandals during the day and accessorized with heels and jewelry at night. Colorful silk scarves are a savvy traveler’s must-have because they’re easy to pack, functional, and make an eye-catching statement.

Use every square inch of your suitcase by rolling casual clothing, like T-shirts and jeans, and folding dress shirts and delicate pieces. This method will minimize wrinkles and maximize how much you can fit in your bag. You can also try organization cubes or even compression sacks for longer trips when you really need to squeeze as much as you can into a suitcase.

Another simple trick is wearing your bulky items, like coats and sweaters, and stashing them in the overhead compartment if you need to. The same goes for shoes; travel in your least compact ones, like boots or sneakers. If you’re planning on bringing along a hat, wearing it will save space and prevent it from getting crushed.

Choose tech that packs high performance into small packages, like the ultralight Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II. At almost half the size of competitive DSLRs, this mirrorless system from Olympus has all the power of a traditional DSLR, along with bring-it-anywhere portability. Equipped with advanced 5-axis image stabilization to stop blur, its dustproof, splashproof, and freezeproof design goes wherever your travels take you.

Learn more about the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II at and stay focused on exploring.